Argentina real GDP

Argentina’s Real GDP icnreased to 648176.0 by 0.69% on January 2021 from 643710.0 in the previous month. On a year on year basis Argentina’s Real GDP decreased by -8.39%. Argentina’s Real GDP trend is down since the current value of 648176.0 is lower than the 12 month moving average of 669929.0. and the 12 month moving average slope is down. Argentina’s Real GDP 5-year percentile is currently at 0.0%.

Argentina real GDP Chart

Argentina real GDP

Argentina real GDP Statistics

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Indicator Actual Previous M/M% Y/Y% Trend Slope ZS5Y Update
Real GDP 648176 643710 0.00693791 -0.0839369 -1.0 -1.0 0 2021-01-31

Argentina Financial Markets

Market Symbol Last Mom Trend Exh RSI 1D% 1W% 1M% 1Y%
Argentina Credit Default Swaps CDS.Argentina 4649.17 -1 -0.25 0.19229 44.1138 -28.41 -46.61 -40.34 3.03217

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Argentina Macroeconomic Indicators

Argentina real GDP analysis

Argentina Real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the total monetary value of all finished goods and services produced within Argentina in one year adjusted for inflation. When economists refer to GDP, they mean Real GDP. Explore MacroVar financial knowledge base structured by professional fund managers and economists.

Argentina Real GDP trend

Argentina Real GDP trend is in an uptrend when the last value is higher than its twelve-month moving average and its twelve-month moving average slope is positive (last twelve-month moving average is higher than the previous month twelve-month moving average) and vice-versa. MacroVar calculates the number of months the Argentina Real GDP has recorded new highs or lows. Argentina Real GDP trend change is assumed when the specific indicator has recorded a 3-month high / low or more.

Argentina Real GDP momentum

Argentina Real GDP momentum is monitored by calculating its long-term year over year (Y/Y) return and its short-term month on month (M/M) return.

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