Market Trends

Market trends definition There are three price trends that are simultaneously active in any market: the short-term trend which lasts from days to weeks, the medium-term trend which lasts from weeks to months and the long-term trend which lasts from months to years. All three trends are active all the time and may be moving…
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Forex Trading: a professional trader’s guide

Successful Forex trading strategies use systematic processes to predict future currency moves by analysing macroeconomic and global financial market dynamics. MacroVar is a free financial advisory platform developed by professional traders to share our experience and guide you on how to first protect your capital and generate consistent returns using Forex trading strategies applied by…
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Junk Bonds

Junk Bonds Definition Junk bonds are speculative corporate bonds providing high returns because of their high default risk. Since these bonds always have higher interest rates than investment-grade securities, they are also referred to as high yield bonds. Default risk is the chance that the company issuer of the junk bond will be unable to…
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Corporate bonds

Corporate bonds are bonds issued by large corporations, to finance projects or their business activity. Investors interested in buying corporate bonds must thoroughly analyse the corporate bond’s indenture which is a contract clarifying the borrower’s obligations and the lender’s rights. The risk of each corporate bond has varying risk since default risk depends on the…
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How to buy bonds

The best way to get stated on how to buy bonds is to understand how bonds work, how bond prices are affected by current economic conditions, the different types of bonds available and their potential profits and risks of each bond type. How to Buy Bonds You have few ways to buy bonds. However, some…
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Investing in bonds

Investing in bonds requires a systematic process explained in this guide for analysing macroeconomic and financial market dynamics affecting bonds. What are bonds A bond is a debt security that promises to make interest payments (also called coupon payment) periodically for a specific period and pay back the initial capital borrowed (also called maturity value,…
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Day Trading strategies

The News Feed will show instant updates about important finance news, economic data releases, quantitative signals generated by MacroVar algorithms as well as updates about those people who are in your friend’s list. The NewsFeed sidebar provides live updates of the main financial markets’ quotes. Sharing important financial and economic updates with your friends and…
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