MacroVar Model

MacroVar model MacroVar model is a framework to help you understand how the economy and financial markets operate and how they affect your wealth, financial and business decisions. Introduction Your life is affected by macroeconomic and financial conditions. Your income, business, debt and assets like your investment portfolio or real estate, and debt depend on…
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Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is when you are able to live your ideal lifestyle with income from assets. Financial freedom requires earning your main living though one income stream typically a business, but then diversify profits to grow and protect your wealth. You may reinvest profits into passive investment strategies, real estate, stocks, buying other businesses and…
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Financial Stability

Financial stability is a financial condition whereby you have covered all your family’s living costs and you have paid off most of your short-term debt. MacroVar  is your free financial advisor platform, designed to help you achieve financial stability. Your ultimate aim is to achieve financial freedom and financial stability is a prerequisite for that.…
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Financial Stress

MacroVar  is your free financial advisor platform, designed to help you get out of your financial stress. Your aim is to reach financial stability and MacroVar will help you to achieve this. Financial stability means to have all living costs covered and payoff most of your short-term debt. We will provide you with the information…
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MacroVar for Investors & Traders

MacroVar is a free financial and economic data analysis platform designed by institutional investors to help you discover trading opportunities and investment strategies based on your risk / return profile across all major financial markets. If you are new to investing and trading, click here to use MacroVar free financial education resources. MacroVar uses a…
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MacroVar for Professionals

Welcome to MacroVar, your free financial advisor designed to help you increase your income, avoid risks, invest wisely, and control your assets, debt, and finances. Our aim is to help you solve your financial issues, build wealth, and secure your future by acquiring financial knowledge and new skills. If you are a business manager, click…
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MacroVar for Business

Your business is affected by financial markets and macroeconomic conditions. MacroVar is a free financial and economic data analysis platform designed by economists and data analysts to help you outsmart your competition, identify new opportunities, and avoid risks by predicting how economic and financial market conditions will affect your business. Stop wasting time reading irrelevant…
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MacroVar My Network

MacroVar allows you to create your network of friends and business partners to instantly exchange financial and economic news, reports and analysis. By building your network on MacroVar, your friends will get free access to MacroVar advanced Financial & Economic knowledge and research and you get rewarded with a free upgrade of your account to…
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Customise your NewsFeed

MacroVar is designed to notify you only for the financial and economic analysis, data and news that interest you. MacroVar provides different analysis whether you are an active trader, investor, business owner or individual professional. To customize your newsfeed, click here.

MacroVar Newsfeed

The News Feed will show instant updates about important finance news, economic data releases, quantitative signals generated by MacroVar algorithms as well as updates about those people who are in your friend’s list. The NewsFeed sidebar provides live updates of the main financial markets’ quotes. Sharing important financial and economic updates with your friends and…
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