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Czech Republic Services sector

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Services Confidencecz.esi.serv14.71.58.8-3.333331.01.00.01666672021-04-01


Czech Republic Services sector Subsectors

Macro VariableActualPreviousM/M%Y/Y%TrendZS5YTrendUpdate
Architectural, engineering, technical analysis - Composite7.91.35.07692-1.782181.00.08333332021-05-01
Land transport & transport via pipelines - Composite19.712.80.539062-2.08841.00.06666672021-05-01
Water transport - Composite
Air transport - Composite-80.3-91.1-0.1185510.092517-1.00.652021-05-01
Warehousing and Support activities - Composite27.314.40.8958330.192141.00.82021-05-01
Postal and courier activities - Composite37.155.7-0.3339320.2449661.00.6166672021-05-01
Accommodation - Composite-46.3-66.3-0.301659-0.3006041.00.5333332021-05-01
Food & Beverage Service activities - Composite30.528.10.08540931.772731.012021-05-01
Publishing activities - Composite-19-31-0.387097-0.7007871.00.3333332021-05-01
Video, TV, Sound, Music Activities - Composite
Programming & broadcasting activities - Composite
Telecommunications - Composite42.412.22.47541-8.571431.00.01666672021-05-01
Computer programming & consulting - Composite28.325.70.1011670.3940891.00.82021-05-01
Information Service activities - Composite50.142.50.17882410.92861.012021-05-01
Financial service activities (insurance & pension funds excluded) - Composite37.134.80.0660922.637251.00.9333332021-05-01
Insurance, reinsurance, pension funding - Composite30.629.90.0234114-2.366071.00.03333332021-05-01
Support Financial Services & Insurance Activities - Composite26.125.40.02755914.221.012021-05-01
Real estate activities - Composite12.913.2-0.0227273-0.198758-1.00.32021-05-01
Legal & Accounting activities - Composite-2.5-10.9-0.770642-0.8931621.00.3333332021-05-01
Management, Consulting and Administration Activities - Composite36.831.70.1608830.6355561.00.8666672021-05-01
Scientific research & development - Composite178.90.9101120.370968-1.00.7666672021-05-01
Advertising & market research - Composite2-7-1.28571-1.038911.00.252021-05-01
Other professional, scientific & technical activities - Composite10.34.21.45238-0.5992221.00.2166672021-05-01
Veterinary activities - Composite
Rental & leasing activities - Composite1316.5-0.212121-10.28571.00.01666672021-05-01
Employment activities - Composite23.717.60.346591-2.490571.00.03333332021-05-01
Travel services - Composite-14.1-21.7-0.35023-0.692141.00.252021-05-01
Security & investigation activities - Composite9.52.33.130435.785711.012021-05-01
Buildings and landscape services - Composite-3.9-11.4-0.6578950.21875-1.00.6833332021-05-01
Admnistration, office support, business support activities - Composite-12.6-26.3-0.520913-0.5699661.00.2833332021-05-01
Creative, arts & entertainment activities - Composite
Libraries, Archives, Museums, Cultural activities - Composite
Gambling & betting activities - Composite
Sports activities, amusement activities - Composite
Membership organisations activities - Composite
Repair of personal and household goods - Composite1.71.10.545455-1.069391.00.2166672021-05-01
Other personal service activities - Composite-54.1-61.4-0.1188930.27896-1.00.6333332021-05-01


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Czech Republic Services sector trend

Czech Republic Services sector trend is in an uptrend when the last value is higher than its twelve-month moving average and its twelve-month moving average slope is positive (last twelve-month moving average is higher than the previous month twelve-month moving average) and vice-versa. MacroVar calculates the number of months the Czech Republic Services sector has recorded new highs or lows. Czech Republic Services sector trend change is assumed when the specific indicator has recorded a 3-month high / low or more.

Czech Republic Services sector momentum

Czech Republic Services sector momentum is monitored by calculating its long-term year over year (Y/Y) return and its short-term month on month (M/M) return.