Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate

Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate Chart

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Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate

Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate Statistics

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Europe Financial Markets

STOXX Europe 600STOXX462.77-1-0.250.6939136.7305-0.00574-0.00276-0.042760.17708
Eurozone ETFEZU44.770.5-0.5-1.5483556.79720.034670.026130.06216-0.03596
EUR/USD - Euro US DollarEURUSD0.901900.751.5923148.7867-0.00912-0.005070.003450.07343

Europe Financial News Stream

Europe Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeeu.balanceoftrade-35046.9-43625.3-19.66-542.71DownDown52022-07-22
business confidenceeu.bizconfidence24.8-58.33-82.46DownDown46.672022-07-31
capacity utilizationeu.caputilization82.377.70.0592021-0.01789981.0-1.00.2833332021-04-01
consumer confidenceeu.consconfidence-27.3-24.312.35565.85DownDown1.672022-07-31
consumer price index cpieu.cpi119.03117.950.929.55UPUP1002022-07-22
core inflation rateeu.coreinflationrate4.514.148.94275.83UPUP1002022-06-16
Real GDPeu.realgdp3403.913386.940.5-99.91DownDown18.332022-07-31
government budgeteu.govbudget-4.7-6.8-30.88-21.67DownUP02022-04-29
government debteu.govdebt12078200108383000.11440.6776121.01.002020-12-31
government debt to gdpeu.govdebtgdp88.190-2.1119.05UPUP02022-04-29
industrial productioneu.indproduction2.7-0.8-437.5-93.06DownDown69.172022-07-16
industrial production momeu.indproductionmm0.60.310050UPUP65.832022-07-16
long term unemployment rateeu.ltunemploymentrate2.82.70.037037-0.21.0-1.002021-03-31
Producer Price Indexeu.producerprices152.3150.31.3336.1UPUP1002022-08-03
PPI Indexeu.producerpricesch36.437-1.62279.17UPUP96.672022-07-05
retail sales MoMeu.retailsales-1.300-130.23DownDown14.172022-08-06
retail sales yoyeu.retailsalesan-2.80.8-450-145.16DownDown6.672022-08-06
unemployment rateeu.unemploymentrate7.37.4-0.01351350.140625-
youth unemployment rateeu.ytunemploymentrate13.613.32.26-24.86DownDown3.332022-08-06
Central Bank Assets for Euro Areaeu.cb.assets768014076576300.002939550.07602961.01.00.6333332021-06-04
Construction sectoreu.esi.constr0.8-5-1.16-1.04421.01.00.4166672021-04-01
Consumer sectoreu.esi.cons-9-12.1-0.256198-0.5909091.01.00.052021-04-01
Manufacturing sectoreu.esi.man9.41.17.54545-1.291021.01.00.42021-04-01
Retail sectoreu.esi.ret-1.5-11-0.863636-0.9484541.01.00.32021-04-01
Services sectoreu.esi.serv2.8-9.4-1.29787-1.072541.01.00.2166672021-04-01
ESI - Economic Compositeeu.esi.conf109.799.90.09809810.6348731.01.012021-04-01

Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate analysis

Europe 3-month LIBOR rate (London Interbank Offered Rate) is a benchmark interest rate at which major global banks lend to one another in the international interbank market for 3-month loans in Euro.

Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate trend

Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate trend is in an uptrend when the last value is higher than its twelve-month moving average and its twelve-month moving average slope is positive (last twelve-month moving average is higher than the previous month twelve-month moving average) and vice-versa. MacroVar calculates the number of months the Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate has recorded new highs or lows. Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate trend change is assumed when the specific indicator has recorded a 3-month high / low or more.

Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate momentum

Europe 3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate momentum is monitored by calculating its long-term year over year (Y/Y) return and its short-term month on month (M/M) return.