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The News Feed will show instant updates about important finance news, economic data releases, quantitative signals generated by MacroVar algorithms as well as updates about those people who are in your friend’s list.

The NewsFeed sidebar provides live updates of the main financial markets’ quotes.

Sharing important financial and economic updates with your friends and partners also allows you to get a free upgrade of your MacroVar account. Click here to learn more about the MacroVar Pro premium account features.

Reshare something on MacroVar

You can share a news feed item on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using the related buttons shown below each feed.

Alternative, to reshare a feed with your connections, groups or send to an email address click Share.

Create your Post and Share it on MacroVar

To share something on MacroVar click Start a Post, select to share with your connections, a specific group or specific email address, add a title and text update and click send.

Real-Time NewsFeed

By default real-time NewsFeed is on. Real-Time Newsfeed includes finance news and economic data releases. If you are only interested in MacroVar Signals and reports click On to turn it off. You can switch real-time feeds on again by clicking it again.

Personalize your NewsFeed

You can personalize your newsfeed by clicking here to select the specific markets, economies and signal types that interest you.

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