Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is when you are able to live your ideal lifestyle with income from assets. Financial freedom requires earning your main living though one income stream typically a business, but then diversify profits to grow and protect your wealth. You may reinvest profits into passive investment strategies, real estate, stocks, buying other businesses and more.

MacroVar  is free financial and economic analysis platform designed to help you achieve financial freedom. Moreover, MacroVar provides financial and business education to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.

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Financial freedom process

It is wise to keep your main income stream as your primary activity and spend a smaller amount of your time on additional streams. The 70-20-10 model suggests that you spend 70 per cent of your time and resource on your main income stream, 20 per cent of your time and resource on your secondary income stream, and 10 per cent of your time and resource on your tertiary or future income stream. As you increase your main 70 per cent income stream, systemize it, hand-over the management of it, then you can bring your previous 20 per cent to be your new 70 per cent, your previous 10 per cent to be your new 20 per cent, and a new stream to be your new 10 per cent.

How MacroVar Works

Step 1: Sign Up

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Step 2: Select your User type

Once you sign up, you will be prompted to select your user type. If you will use MacroVar for your personal finances, select

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MacroVar main page is Newsfeed where you will automatically be notified on economic and financial developments based on your profile.

Step 4: Personalise your Profile

To get personalised financial advice from MacroVar you must complete your profile. MacroVar will provide you with analysis, education, and tools to analyse how economic and financial developments affect your current job, business, assets, debt, and investments.

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Every morning MacroVar will send you a newsletter customized to your profile, with analysis and reports of market and economic developments affecting your job, business, assets, and investments.

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