Financial Stability

Financial stability is a financial condition whereby you have covered all your family’s living costs and you have paid off most of your short-term debt.

MacroVar  is your free financial advisor platform, designed to help you achieve financial stability. Your ultimate aim is to achieve financial freedom and financial stability is a prerequisite for that.

We will provide you with the information and tools required to maximize your income, get out of debt and achieve financial stability for your family.

Financial recovery is a long-term process, requiring knowledge, systematic tools, devotion and persistence by all members of the family.

But on top of everything it requires commitment emotionally and mentally to get started now.

Sign up free to let MacroVar guide you or continue reading on how to increase your income now.

Your financial plan to achieve financial freedom requires the following steps:

Step 1: Increase income

Increase your family income by making full use of your family’s resources. Find the optimum job based on your skills, make use of the huge market of part-time jobs working from home, use and enrich your skills.

The fastest and easiest way to start earning income is to use MacroVar Projects search engine to find and apply for the best projects suited to your skills and work as an independent worker. Alternatively, you can use online marketplaces for part-time work which can add supplemental income to your household. Other members of your family can contribute with supplemental income as well by working in online marketplaces.

Step 2: Manage spending

Use MacroVar budgeting tools to control and reduce your expenses

Step 3: Top Up the Savings account

Add savings into the emergency fund of three to six months of expenses.

Step 4: Start Investing early

Invest 15 percent of your household income to passive investment vehicles like ETFs or IRAs. Learn more on how to invest money

Step 5: Early mortgage repayment

Create a plan to pay off your mortgage early

How MacroVar Works

Step 1: Sign Up

To sign up use your Google or Facebook automatic sign in options. Alternatively, click register to create an account using your email.

Step 2: Select your User type

Once you sign up, you will be prompted to select your user type. If you will use MacroVar for your personal finances, select

Step 3: Newsfeed

MacroVar main page is Newsfeed where you will automatically be notified on economic and financial developments based on your profile.

Step 4: Personalise your Profile

To get personalised financial advice from MacroVar you must complete your profile. MacroVar will provide you with analysis, education, and tools to analyse how economic and financial developments affect your current job, assets, debt, and investments.

Step 5: Personalised Newsletter

Every morning MacroVar will send you a newsletter customized to your profile, with analysis and reports of market and economic developments affecting your job, assets, and investments.

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