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MacroVar for Business | MacroVar
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MacroVar for Business

Your business is affected by financial markets and macroeconomic conditions. MacroVar is a free financial and economic data analysis platform designed by economists and data analysts to help you outsmart your competition, identify new opportunities, and avoid risks by predicting how economic and financial market conditions will affect your business.

Stop wasting time reading irrelevant useless financial news and focus on financial and economic data analysis to grow your business and avoid risks.

Sign up free to start receiving economic and financial research customised to your business. Click here to learn how it works.

MacroVar also offers free financial and economic education to learn how to analyse economic and financial market conditions affecting your business. Get started by reading our one-page crash course on finance & economics.

Applied Economics & Finance for Business Crash Course

This guide explains how financial markets and economies affect your business and what data to monitor. MacroVar top down approach analyses economies and markets on the following order: 1. World, 2. Country, 3. State & Local, 4. Sector & Industries

Global Economic Growth Expectations

The most important factor to monitor is global economic growth trends and momentum. Individual country economic growth expectations are gauged using principally each country’s Manufacturing PMI and other business and consumer confidence indicators. Global growth is gauged by calculating MacroVar Global PMI based on each country’s weighting to Global GDP of the 35 largest economies monitored and Manufacturing PMI. Special attention is given to the top four largest economies (United States, Eurozone, China, Japan) comprising more than 50% of global GDP. Lastly, global macroeconomic growth breadth is monitored. MacroVar uses the following signals to analyse Macro trends

The Global Economy section presents the current global macroeconomic conditions using different statistics. The largest four economies in the world closely monitored are the US, Eurozone, China and Japan economies comprising more than 50% of Global GDP. MacroVar also monitors the relative performance of Developed and Emerging economies. link to country analysis

Global Liquidity conditions

Global liquidity is a major factor affecting all financial markets. It is of paramount importance to monitor Global Liquidity of the four major central banks in the world namely the Federal Reserve (US), ECB (Eurozone), PBoC (China) and BOJ (China).

MacroVar monitors central banks actions by closely monitoring published statistics and news flow.

The Central Banks section presents quantitative data and news flow for the four major central banks and secondarily to the rest of the 31 countries monitored.

Global Risk

Global financial risk conditions are especially important since they affect all financial assets. MacroVar risk index is composed of various financial risk factors to provide an overview of global market risk conditions. The risk index is used for adjusting portfolio risk. MacroVar risk management section provides free current risk analysis.

Country Analysis

MacroVar analyses the economic and financial conditions of the largest 35 economies in the world by monitoring 40 economic and financial indicators for each country.

Country Economic Snapshot

A country’s economic snapshot can be formed by analysing two groups of parameters: 1. leading indicators of economic activity, 2. financial markets & financial risk.

Economic Activity

The two most important economic indicators of a country are real economic growth expectations and inflation. An economy is healthy when it generates stable economic growth with low inflation.

The country’s manufacturing and services PMI are leading indicators of economic activity in the next six to twelve months. Readings above 50 indicator economic expansion, while readings below 50 indicate economic contraction. For European countries, ESI indicators are extremely useful to gauge economic expectations. For China, the Leading Economic Index published by the Conference Board is a useful indicator to confirm PMI readings.

MacroVar monitors inflation expectations using the common inflation indicators (CPI, PPI) and more advanced indicators to predict future inflation expectations (US ISM, European Countries ESI analysis).

Explore the world economy or the economy of a specific country by visiting the Global Economy section.

Financial Markets & Risk

Financial markets are often leading indicators of the country’s economic growth before economic indicators. Hence, it is advisable to analyse a country’s financial markets in conjunction with its leading economic indicators. The most important financial markets to monitor are the country’s 1. Stock Market, 2. Bond Market, 3. Currency, 4. Credit Default Swaps, 5. Currency Implied Volatility, 6. Commodities (* Only for countries whose economy and currency relies on a specific commodity e.g Russian Rubble linked to Crude Oil).

  • Stock Market: MacroVar monitors the trend, momentum and its performance relative to the country’s Manufacturing PMI and 10-year bond. Persistent strong
  • Bonds: MacroVar monitors the country’s 2-year and 10-year bonds and the country’s yield curve (difference between the 10-year and 2-year bonds).
  • Currency: MacroVar monitors each country’s currency and implied volatility. When financial or economic risk of a country is rising, it leads to capital leaving the country causing a depreciation of the currency and a rise in the currency’s implied volatility.
  • Commodities: MacroVar monitors all major commodities. Countries whose economies rely on a specific commodity are strongly affected by the commodity’s performance. Falling commodity prices, lead to a depreciating currency, rising domestic inflation and economic slowdown.
  • Credit Default Swaps: A country’s financial and economic risk may be predicted by monitoring the country’s credit default swaps. Rising credit default swap rates signal a rise in the risk of a country’s ability to pay off its debt.

Learn more about how to predict a country’s economic and financial conditions in the next six and twelve months by reading more at Applied Economic & Financial crash course. MacroVar signals for monitoring a market’s trend, momentum and other statistics are explained here.

Sectors & Industry Analysis

MacroVar analyses each Sector & Industry in the United States and Europe using the following data:

  • Stock Sector & Industry performance: MacroVar analyses the trend and momentum and other statistics for each sector and industry. You can monitor the sectors & industries current performance here.
  • Credit Sector & Industry performance: MacroVar analyses the corporate bonds of each sector and industry in the US and Europe.
  • US ISM and NMI Industry Macroeconomic Analysis: MacroVar analyses the US ISM and NMI components to derive the strength or weakness of a specific sector.
  • Europe ESI Macroeconomic Analysis: MacroVar analyses ESI sector and industry data for all European countries to estimate a sector’s expected growth based on indicators like Production, Order Books, Export Order Books, Stock Levels, Production Expectations, Selling Price Expectations and Employment expectations.
  • Macroeconomic Indicators: MacroVar analyses economic indicators affecting specific sectors and industries. For example. building permits are consistent leading indicators for construction activity in the next twelve month and University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index is a leading indicator for retail activity across the United States. A country’s interest rates, Money Supply and the central bank’s monetary policy and government’s fiscal policy are closely monitored to examine liquidity in the economy and aggregate demand.
  • Sector & Industry specific News: MacroVar compiles news by sector and industry and delivers the most important developments via your News feed and Newsletter.

MacroVar signals for monitoring a market’s trend, momentum and other statistics are explained here.

State & Local Analysis

MacroVar monitors economic activity by state by analysing the following data:

  • Jobless claims: Jobless claims are published weekly and are a good indicator of current economic conditions in the State.
  • Leading Index: This economic indicator is published monthly for each state and predicts economic activity in the next six to twelve months
  • Coincident Index: This economic indicator is published monthly for each state and analyses the current economic conditions.
  • Zillow Real Estate: MacroVar analyses on a monthly basis real estate prices for each State using data taken from Zillow. The real estate market is a good indicator of market conditions for the broader construction sector.
How it Works

MacroVar analyses 2,000 financial markets, 1,000 macroeconomic indicators of the largest 30 economies in the world and news feed across all industries. Select the industries and countries in which your business operates and let MacroVar provide you with timely economic and financial analysis of market and economic developments affecting your business. Learn what MacroVar tracks

Step 1: Sign Up

To sign up use your Google or Facebook automatic sign in options. Alternatively, click register to create an account using your email.

Step 2: Select your User type

Once you sign up, you will be prompted to select your user type. If you will use MacroVar for business, select the following option

Step 3: Newsfeed

MacroVar main page is Newsfeed where you will automatically be notified on economic and financial developments based on your profile.

Step 4: Personalise your NewsFeed

To personalise MacroVar for your business complete your user profile. MacroVar will provide you with analysis, education, and tools to analyse how economic and financial developments affect your business.

Step 5: Free Daily Newsletter

Every morning MacroVar will send you a newsletter personalised to your profile, with analysis, reports and news of market and economic developments affecting your business.

Step 6: MacroVar Pro

MacroVar Pro gives you unlimited access to download and process live and historical data, signals and news and research reports for 36 countries, 60 sectors and industries and more than 1,500 financial markets.

You can become a MacroVar Pro user for free by inviting your friends to MacroVar or by upgrading your account.