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MacroVar monitors France inflation dynamics, inflation subcomponents as welll as leading indicators used to forecast France inflation short-term dynamics.MacroVar database provides free access to France inflation indicators and its subcomponents using API/Excel for further resesarch and analysis.

France Inflation Overview


ESI manufacturing prices paid and ESI services prices paid published by Eurostat for France and each country in the France are very important leading indicators for predicting France inflation in the next three months.

inflation cpifr.inflationcpi2.22.3-4-55
core inflation ratefr.coreinflationrate1.81.76-68
Produce Prices YoYfr.producerpricesch-6.7-6.70-316
CPI All itemsMC.FR.cpi.all-items2.392.45-3-53
CPI FoodMC.FR.cpi.food0.990.7434-93
CPI Food at
CPI Bread and cerealsMC.FR.cpi.bread-cereals0.630.8-22-95
CPI MeatMC.FR.cpi.meat-0.110.05-333-101
CPI Fish and
CPI Milk, cheese and eggsMC.FR.cpi.milk-cheese-eggs0.550.79-30-97
CPI Oils and fatsMC.FR.coi.oils-fats3.162.8511-80
CPI FruitMC.FR.cpi.fruit1.35-1.6-185-84
CPI VegetablesMC.FR.cpi.vegetables3.742.5547-78
CPI Sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and confectioneryMC.FR.cpi.sugar-jam-honey-chocolate-confectionery1.311.35-3-92
CPI Nonalcoholic beveragesMC.FR.cpi.nonalcoholic-beverages1.331.8-26-90
CPI Fuels and lubricantMC.FR.cpi.fuels-lubricant1.434.29-67-110
CPI ElectricityMC.FR.cpi.electricity19.5819.51093
CPI GasMC.FR.cpi.gas-11.14-11.98-7-153
CPI Goods (overall index excluding services)MC.FR.cpi.goods1.871.88-1-70
CPI Clothing and
CPI New motor
CPI Alcoholic beveragesMC.FR.cpi.alcoholic-beverages1.171.44-18-86
CPI TobaccoMC.FR.cpi.tobacco8.78.690-12
CPI Actual rentals for housingMC.FR.cpi.actual-rentals-housing2.332.1969
CPI Maintenance and repair of the dwellingMC.FR.cpi.maintenance-repair-dwelling0.930.7425-85
CPI Water supply and servicesMC.FR.cpi.water-supply-services4.444.46-022
CPI HealthMC.FR.cpi.health6.13.385555
CPI out-patient servicesMC.FR.cpi.out-patient-services7.636.07261391
CPI Hospital
CPI Transportation ServicesMC.FR.cpi.transportation-services-1.593.25-149-137
CPI Passenger transport by railwayMC.FR.cpi.passenger-transport-railway0.563.64-85-91
CPI Passenger transport by airMC.FR.cpi.passenger-transport-air-3.047.83-139-144
CPI Passenger transport by seaMC.FR.cpi.passenger-transport-sea-1.33-1.33-171
CPI Recreation and cultureMC.FR.cpi.recreation-culture2.931.8757-37
CPI Recreational and cultural servicesMC.FR.cpi.recreational-cultural-services6.535.25246
CPI Package holidaysMC.FR.cpi.package-holidays28.3916.047718
CPI Accommodation servicesMC.FR.cpi.accommodation-services-2.1-0.141430-3814

Key Subcomponents of France Inflation

Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Overview: This category includes all consumable goods such as fresh produce, meat, dairy products, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Analysis: Recently, this sector has experienced fluctuations due to supply chain disruptions and varying agricultural yields. Seasonal changes and international trade policies also play significant roles in price movements.

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Overview: This subcomponent covers the prices of alcoholic drinks and tobacco products.

Analysis: Tax policies and regulatory measures significantly impact this category. Recent trends indicate an increase due to higher excise taxes aimed at reducing consumption.

Clothing and Footwear

Overview: Prices of garments, shoes, and accessories are included here.

Analysis: Fashion industry trends, raw material costs, and consumer demand drive this sector. The recent rise in production costs and changes in consumer behavior have led to noticeable price adjustments.

Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas, and Other Fuels

Overview: This category encompasses costs related to housing, utilities, and fuel.

Analysis: Energy prices and housing market dynamics are crucial influencers. Recent increases in gas and electricity prices have been significant contributors to inflationary pressures.

Furnishings, Household Equipment, and Routine Household Maintenance

Overview: Includes furniture, appliances, and household services.

Analysis: Supply chain issues and increased production costs have impacted this sector. Consumer demand for home improvement products has also driven price changes.


Overview: Covers expenses related to medical services, products, and health insurance.

Analysis: Public health policies and the cost of medical advancements affect this category. Recent trends show moderate increases due to rising healthcare costs.


Overview: This subcomponent includes the cost of vehicles, public transportation, and fuel.

Analysis: Fuel prices and transportation policies are significant factors. The recent surge in oil prices has notably affected transportation costs.


Overview: Encompasses services related to telecommunication, postal services, and internet.

Analysis: Technological advancements and regulatory changes shape this sector. Competitive pricing among providers has kept price increases relatively modest.

Recreation and Culture

Overview: Includes expenditures on leisure activities, cultural events, and recreational equipment.

Analysis: Consumer spending patterns and the impact of global events, such as the pandemic, influence this category. There has been a gradual recovery with increasing demand for recreational services.


Overview: Covers tuition fees and other education-related expenses.

Analysis: Education policies and demographic trends affect this sector. There has been a steady increase in education costs due to rising demand and limited public funding.

Restaurants and Hotels

Overview: Includes dining out, accommodation, and related services.

Analysis: Tourism trends and consumer confidence drive this category. Recent years have seen price increases due to higher operating costs and increased demand post-pandemic.

Miscellaneous Goods and Services

Overview: This catch-all category includes personal care, insurance, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Analysis: Diverse factors influence this subcomponent. Insurance premiums and personal care costs have shown moderate increases.