Mexico government debt to gdp

Mexico’s government debt to gdp decreased to 45.5 by -1.09% on January 2019 from 46.0 in the previous month. On a year on year basis Mexico’s government debt to gdp increased by 154.19%. Mexico’s government debt to gdp trend is up since the current value of 45.5 is higher than the 12 month moving average of 38.05. and the 12 month moving average slope is up. Mexico’s government debt to gdp 5-year percentile is currently at 0.0%.

Mexico government debt to gdp Chart

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Mexico government debt to gdp

Mexico Government debt to gdp Statistics

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government debt to gdpmx.govdebtgdp45.546-0.01086961.54191.01.002019-01-31

Mexico Financial Markets

S&P/BMV IPCIPC56111.2113.0296465.34160.007650.006980.050760.18763
Mexico Capped ETFEWW54.54113.4672269.4470.016590.027310.096720.23226
Mexican Peso US Dollar (MXN/USD)MXNUSD 19.9774-1-1-0.8490932.88-0.00712-0.01501-0.03288-0.00912
Mexico 10-Year Bond YieldMX.10Y8.677112.6239558.36850.017830.031130.090080.3009
Mexico 5-Year Bond YieldMX.5Y8.5830.512.1794964.68740.01936-0.014010.104630.61638
Mexico 2-Year Bond YieldMX.2Y8.306112.3328278.21780.008010.001930.133150.79009
Mexico Yield CurveMX.YC1.44-0.5-0.50.1860543.958321.01-24.8-25-5.5
Mexico Credit Default SwapsCDS.Mexico97.5-1-0.75-0.9782137.01113.170.785.410.04479

Mexico Financial News Stream

Mexico Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of trademx.balanceoftrade-3957-221578.65-2.61DownUP8.332022-07-31
banks balance sheetmx.banks.bs956630094570701.166.07UPUP1002022-06-24
business confidencemx.bizconfidence51.251.7-0.97-0.78DownDown61.672022-08-02
capacity utilizationmx.caputilization83.781.52.76.9UPUP98.332022-07-22
capital flowsmx.capitalflows-6.2-12.9-51.94-82.08UPUP81.672022-05-26
car registrationsmx.carregistrations4139143359-4.54-8.75UPDown202022-07-22
central bank balance sheetmx.cb.assets45397400004576080000-0.791.58DownUP58.332022-07-08
consumer confidencemx.consconfidence41.343-3.95-2.82DownDown46.672022-08-06
consumer price index cpimx.cpi122.95122.040.758.15UPUP1002022-08-11
core inflation ratemx.coreinflationrate7.657.492.1485.23UPUP1002022-08-11
current accountmx.currentaccount-65232741-337.98-43.16DownUP31.672022-05-26
current account to gdpmx.currentaccountgdp2.4-0.3-9-
deposit interest ratemx.depositrate0.460.5-0.08-0.823077-1.0-1.00.06666672022-03-31
external debtmx.externaldebt460517462504-0.004296180.01536551.01.00.06666672021-01-01
fiscal expendituremx.fiscalexp70613549845841.6616.07UPUP93.332022-08-06
foreign direct investmentmx.fdi19427.53790.5412.5335.19UPUP98.332022-06-06
foreign exchange reservesmx.fxreserves203590206040-1.192.07DownUP83.332022-07-31
Real GDPmx.realgdp18028000178479001.01-2.79UPDown78.332022-05-26
gdp growthmx.gdpgrowth0.900-400UPUP68.332022-05-04
gdp growth annualmx.gdpgrowthan1.61.145.4523.08UPUP38.332022-05-04
gold reservesmx.goldres119.87120.06-0.00158254-0.00274542-1.0-1.00.52021-01-01
government budgetmx.govbudget-3.8-4.6-17.3972.73DownDown02022-06-16
Government budgetmx.govbudgetvalue-146390-45420222.323.57DownDown13.332022-07-31
government debt to gdpmx.govdebtgdp45.546-0.01086961.54191.01.002019-01-31
government revenuesmx.govrev55973047109518.8117.92UPUP93.332022-08-06
industrial productionmx.indproduction3.83.315.15-89.59DownDown88.332022-08-11
industrial production mommx.indproductionmm0.10.6-83.33-150DownUP45.832022-07-16
inflation cpimx.inflationcpi7.687.453.0926.32UPUP1002022-05-04
interbank ratemx.interbankrate4.324.290.00699301-0.235398-1.0-1.00.2333332021-06-30
interest ratemx.interestrate440-0.428571-1.0-1.00.1333332021-05-13
loans to private sectormx.loanprivate293222000028997400001.1210.52UPUP91.672022-07-31
money supply m0mx.msm0248935024551601.3914.31UPUP98.332022-08-06
money supply m1mx.msm1645543000064345400000.3212.09UPUP1002022-07-31
money supply m2mx.msm211638500000115699000000.599.47UPUP902022-07-31
money supply m3mx.msm313794200000137917000000.029.79UPUP902022-07-31
Producer Price Indexmx.producerprices119.32118.490.79.71UPUP1002022-07-08
retail sales MoMmx.retailsales0.50.50-84.85UPDown66.672022-07-21
retail salesmx.retailsalesan5.24.613.04-82.49DownDown83.332022-07-21
total vehicle salesmx.vehiclesales4139143359-4.54-8.75UPDown202022-07-22
unemployment ratemx.unemploymentrate33.7-18.92-31.82DownDown6.672022-04-29

Mexico government debt to gdp analysis

Mexico government debt to GDP measures a country’s public debt to its gross domestic product (GDP). By comparing what Mexico owes with what it produces, the debt-to-GDP ratio reliably indicates Mexico’s ability to pay back its debts. Often expressed as a percentage, this ratio can also be interpreted as the number of years needed to pay back debt, if GDP is dedicated entirely to debt repayment. If a country is unable to pay its debt, it defaults, which could cause a financial panic in the domestic and international markets. The higher the debt-to-GDP ratio, the less likely the country will pay back its debt and the higher its risk of default. Explore MacroVar financial knowledge base structured by professional fund managers and economists.

Mexico government debt to gdp trend

Mexico government debt to gdp trend is in an uptrend when the last value is higher than its twelve-month moving average and its twelve-month moving average slope is positive (last twelve-month moving average is higher than the previous month twelve-month moving average) and vice-versa. MacroVar calculates the number of months the Mexico government debt to gdp has recorded new highs or lows. Mexico government debt to gdp trend change is assumed when the specific indicator has recorded a 3-month high / low or more.

Mexico government debt to gdp momentum

Mexico government debt to gdp momentum is monitored by calculating its long-term year over year (Y/Y) return and its short-term month on month (M/M) return.