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Basic Resources industry Industry Financial Factors

US Basic Resources industryUS.BASICRESOURCES366.490.50.751.1358.541.823.593.4710.18
STOXX Asia Pacific 600 Basic ResourcesAPAC.BASICRES213.38-1-1-0.9744.39-1-0.67-1.64-4.46
Eastern Europe Basic ResourcesEEU.BASICRES106.92111.858.35-0.50.496.0818.05
US Basic Resources Credit SpreadsUS.BASICRESOURCES.CR120.35-1-1-1.340.81-0.18-1.51-1.84-32.4
Europe Basic Resources Credit SpreadsEU.BASICRESOURCES.CR134.7-1-0.5-0.9650.40.32-0.47-1.06-21.63

Basic Resources industry Industry Overview

The Basic Resources sector includes the subsectors of Forestry & Paper, Industrial Metals & Mining and Mining.

The Forestry & Paper subsector includes owners and operators of timber tracts, forest tree nurseries and sawmills and producers, converters, merchants and distributors of all grades of paper.

The Industrial Metals & Mining subsector includes companies engaged in the mining or processing bauxite or manufacture and distribute aluminum bars, rods and other products for use by other industries, producers and traders of metals and primary metal products other than iron, aluminum and steel and manufacturers and stockholders of primary iron and steel products such as pipes, wires, sheets and bars, encompassing all processes from smelting in blast furnaces to rolling mills and foundries.

The Mining subsector includes companies enagged in the exploration for or mining of coal, diamonds & gemstones, general mining, gold mining and platinum and precious metals.