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Health Care industry Financial Factors

Market Symbol Last Mom Trend Exh RSI 1D% 1W% 1M% 1Y%
US Health Care industry US.HEALTH 1335.25 -0.5 -1 -1.91558 43.8713 0.01494 0.01099 -0.01929 -0.05436
Europe Health Care industry EU.HEALTH 1982.8 -0.5 0 0.43459 44.7621 0 0.01259 -0.02533 0.16351
STOXX Asia Pacific 600 Health Care APAC.HEALTH 543.64 0 -1 -1.78501 46.9773 -0.00066 0.02298 -0.01905 -0.12747
Eastern Europe Health Care EEU.HEALTH 166.78 -1 0 0.18785 41.3696 0.01079 -0.0037 -0.01779 0.11925
US Health Care Credit Spreads US.HEALTHCARE.CR 118.49 0.5 -0.75 -0.85885 56.8769 0.00034 0.01473 0.01962 -0.17641
Europe Health Care Credit Spreads EU.HEALTH.CR 129.13 0.5 -0.75 -0.93053 56.7639 0.00851 0.02031 0.00985 -0.27848

Health Care industry Overview

The Health Care sector includes the subsectors of Health Care Equipment & Services and Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology. The sector of Health Care Equipment & Services includes the subsectors of Health Care Providers, Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies. The subsector of Health Care Providers includes Owners and operators of health maintenance organizations, hospitals, clinics, dentists, opticians, nursing homes, rehabilitation and retirement centers.  Excludes veterinary services, which are classified under Specialized Consumer Services. The subsector of Medical Equipment includes Manufacturers and distributors of medical devices such as MRI scanners, prosthetics, pacemakers, X ray machines and other nondisposable medical devices.  The subsector of Medical Supplies includes companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of medical supplies used by health care providers and the general public. Includes makers of contact lenses, eyeglass lenses, bandages and other disposable medical supplies. The sector of Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology includes the subsectors of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals. The subsector of Biotechnology includes companies engaged in research into and development of biological substances for the purposes of drug discovery and diagnostic development, and which derive the majority of their revenue from either the sale or licensing of these drugs and diagnostic tools. The subsector of Pharmaceuticals includes companies engaged in the manufacturing and prescription or over the counter drugs, such as aspirin, cold remedies and birth control pills. Includes vaccine producers but excludes vitamin producers, which are classified under Food Products.