EUR LIBOR 1 Month closed down by -0.85% to -0.57 on 23 January 2021 and +-1.29% on a weekly basis. EUR LIBOR 1 Month momentum was last calculated at +50.0/100 indicating positive momentum. EUR LIBOR 1 Month trend is -75.0/100 indicating a negative trend. EUR LIBOR 1 Month momentum exhaustion is -1.25098 indicating EUR LIBOR 1 Month is oversold.EUR LIBOR 1 Month RSI is 47.0906 .

EUR LIBOR 1 Month Chart


EUR LIBOR 1 Month Statistics

EUR LIBOR 1 MonthEUR.LIBOR.1M-0.570.5-0.75-1.2509847.0906-0.85-1.29-0.620.13998

EUR LIBOR 1 Month closed at -0.57 on 23 January 2021. EUR LIBOR 1 Month trend was last calculated at -75.0/100 (range: -100 to +100) indicating a negative trend based on MacroVar models. EUR LIBOR 1 Month momentum was last calculated at +50.0/100 (range: -100 to +100) indicating positive momentum. EUR LIBOR 1 Month momentum exhaustion is -1.25098 (normal range: -2.5 to +2.5, overbought values: greater than 2.5, oversold values: less than 2.5) indicating EUR LIBOR 1 Month is oversold and a possible reversal is imminent. EUR LIBOR 1 Month RSI was last calculated at 47.0906. EUR LIBOR 1 Month moving averages were last recorded as follows: 1-month moving average: -0.59165 in a downtrend , 1-quarter moving average: -0.57842 in a downtrend and 1-year moving average: -0.51609 in a downtrend. EUR LIBOR 1 Month annual return was last recorded at None%, daily return was last recorded at -0.85%, and weekly return was last recorded at -1.29%. EUR LIBOR 1 Month histrorical 20-day volatility was last recorded at 16.5477%, EUR LIBOR 1 Month alpha None, EUR LIBOR 1 Month beta None and EUR LIBOR 1 Month maximum drawdown was recorded at None%. MacroVar models monitor EUR LIBOR 1 Month statistics based on historical data since 1970.

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Europe Markets

Euro Stoxx 50STOXX50E4026.610.751.1186963.5414-1.78-1.210.29-0.04339
STOXX Europe 600STOXX456.4210.751.2773765.4756-0.580.363.23-0.02743
Eurozone ETFEZU48.9111.607963.0535-1.33-2.04-0.570.06937
EUR/USD - Euro US DollarEURUSD0.850-0.75-1.5904845.52580.621.373.07-0.08429

Europe Economic Indicators

balance of trade8437.730184.6-0.720463-4.76515-
business confidence11.410.50.0857143-1.522941.01.00.3666672021-06-30
capacity utilization82.377.70.0592021-0.01789981.0-1.00.2833332021-04-01
consumer confidence-4.5-6-0.25-0.7058821.01.00.01666672021-06-30
consumer price index cpi108.38108.080.002775720.02303191.01.012021-05-31
core inflation rate1.31.20.08333330.08333331.01.00.4833332021-05-31
Real GDP3166.923172.09-0.00162984-0.0260336-1.0-1.00.03333332021-03-31
government budget-6.9-0.512.82.45-1.0-1.002020-01-31
government debt12078200108383000.11440.6776121.01.002020-12-31
government debt to gdp90.777.50.1703230.4796081.01.002020-12-31
industrial production21.238.8-0.453608-
industrial production mom0.6-1-1.6-0.7272731.0-1.00.5666672021-03-31
long term unemployment rate2.82.70.037037-0.21.0-1.002021-03-31
Producer Price Index110.3108.80.01378680.09642151.01.012021-05-31
PPI Index9.67.60.263158-3.042551.01.00.12021-05-31
retail sales MoM4.6-3.1-2.48387-0.7444441.0-1.00.62021-05-31
retail sales yoy9.222.4-0.589286-5.181821.01.00.03333332021-05-31
unemployment rate7.37.4-0.01351350.140625-
youth unemployment rate17.318.2-0.04945060.0176471-
Central Bank Assets for Euro Area768014076576300.002939550.07602961.01.00.6333332021-06-04
Construction sector0.8-5-1.16-1.04421.01.00.4166672021-04-01
Consumer sector-9-12.1-0.256198-0.5909091.01.00.052021-04-01
Manufacturing sector9.41.17.54545-1.291021.01.00.42021-04-01
Retail sector-1.5-11-0.863636-0.9484541.01.00.32021-04-01
Services sector2.8-9.4-1.29787-1.072541.01.00.2166672021-04-01
ESI - Economic Composite109.799.90.09809810.6348731.01.012021-04-01
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