EURIBOR forward curve

MacroVar analyzes the EURIBOR forward curve to monitor the market’s expectations for the ECB’s monetary policy actions (rate hikes/cuts) and its effects on financial markets and the Eurozone economic outlook.

id var Sep-21 Dec-21 Mar-22 Jun-22 Sep-22 Dec-22 Mar-23 Jun-23 Sep-23 Dec-23 Mar-24 Jun-24
4 EUR 3M LIBOR -0.530 -0.520 -0.500 -0.486 -0.460 -0.430 -0.390 -0.350 -0.310 -0.270 -0.230 -0.190
id var 21-Sep 21-Dec 22-Mar 22-Jun 22-Sep 22-Dec 23-Mar 23-Jun 23-Sep 23-Dec 24-Mar 24-Jun
4 EUR 3M LIBOR -0.005 0.000 0.010 0.015 0.020 0.020 0.025 0.030 0.030 0.035 0.040 0.040

EURIBOR forward curve prediction

EURIBOR forward curve

What is the EURIBOR forward curve

The EURIBOR forward curve is a graphical representation of the market clearing forward rates for EURIBOR. EURIBOR forward curve is derived from data of EURIBOR swap rates. These forward curves are used to price EURIBOR-based derivatives.

The EURIBOR forward curve represents the market’s expectation of future interest rates. It represents the market’s net position between fixing and floating for various terms.