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United States external debt: 25984649 (1.31%)
Last Update: December 31, 2023

United States external debt closed down 25984649 as of December 31, 2023 from 25649607 from the previous month and 21358343 from last year.

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United States external debt

2023-12-31 25984649
2023-09-30 25649607
2023-06-30 25099063
2023-03-31 24952240
2022-12-31 24544393
2022-09-30 24350913
2022-06-30 24048762
2022-03-31 23930437
2021-12-31 23370708
2021-09-30 22824293
2021-06-30 22595448
2021-03-31 21764799
2020-12-31 21358343
2020-09-30 21314655
2020-06-30 21310649
2020-03-31 21234497
2019-12-31 20412714
2019-09-30 20421273
2019-06-30 20263768
2019-03-31 20006050
2018-12-31 19765887
2018-09-30 19556588
2018-06-30 19306582
2018-03-31 19180854

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United States external debt Statistics

external debtus.externaldebt25984649.025649600122UPUP932023-12-31

United States external debt Factors

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What is the United States external debt

United States external debt refers to the amount of money that the United States government owes to foreign creditors. This debt is incurred through the issuance of treasury securities and other government bonds to finance government spending and budget deficits. The United States has one of the largest external debts in the world, with a significant portion of it held by countries such as China and Japan. While having a high level of external debt can be concerning, the United States is still considered a relatively safe borrower due to its strong economy and the fact that its debt is denominated in its own currency. However, managing and reducing external debt levels is still an important priority for policymakers to ensure the country's long-term financial stability.