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Financial Stress: A Common Problem and How to Solve It

MacroVar is your free financial advisor platform, designed to help you get out of your financial stress. Your aim is to reach financial stability and MacroVar will help you to achieve this. Financial stability means to have all your living costs covered and payoff most of your short-term debt.

We will provide you with the information, tools and skills required to maximize your income, get out of debt and achieve financial stability for your family. Moreover, MacroVar Knowledge Section will be enriched with free courses to acquire new skills with high demand in the marketplace.

However, it is important to understand that getting out of financial stress requires knowledge, systematic tools and on top of everything persistence. Financial recovery is a long-term process, requiring devotion and persistence by all members of the family.

But on top of everything it requires commitment emotionally and mentally to get started now. Your financial plan to achieve financial freedom requires the following steps:

  • Step 1: Use MacroVar Knowledgebase to expand your Knowledge on:
    • Personal FinanceIncrease your Income, budgeting, control spending, paying off debt and saving money
    • Debt Management: How to pay off debt efficiently
    • Economics: Principles of Economics affecting your financial and business decisions
    • Investing: How to Invest money, Investment strategies, Building a low risk investment portfolio, Advanced Trading
    • Risk Management: How to Protect your assets using risk management models
    • Real Estate: How to Invest in Real Estate, the Economic & Financial factors affecting real estate asset values and rents
  • Step 2: Increase income: Increase your family income by making full use of your family’s resources
    The fastest and easiest way to start earning income is to use MacroVar Projects search engine to find and apply for the best projects suited to your skills and work as an independent worker.

    Get Free access to MacroVar Jobs, a search engine designed to help you find the best jobs for your skills.

    Find out more information on how to increase your income
  • Step 3: Manage spending using MacroVar budgeting tools to control and reduce your expensesTo control your household’s income and spending, you need to keep a budget. A written plan will help you psychologically to achieve your goals. A budget will also lower your stress due to financial strains since you will feel in control of your income and expenses. You need to start your budget now using our tools below because there is a saying “what gets measures gets accomplished”.

    Download for Free MacroVar Personal Manager, a mobile app designed to help you in budget planning, expense tracking and personal asset management.

    Find out more information on budgeting.
  • Step 4: Pay off debtYour aim is to pay off debt (excluding your primary mortgage) as soon as possible and once you are finished, you can then focus on building wealth by investing excess savings built. Your aim would be to get debt free within two years.

    Download for free MacroVar Personal Manager, a mobile app designed to help you in paying off debt dast using smart budget planning tools.

    Find out more information on strategies and tools to pay of debt.
  • Step 6: Start Investing earlyTo build your wealth in a short time period requires huge risks and the odds of succeeding are minimal. Most successful investors build their wealth gradually, by selecting investments which generate good returns with low risk.
      Get Free access to MacroVar Premium Investment Tools by Inviting your friends to MacroVar. MacroVar Research tools are designed to help you grow your investment portfolio by identifying investment opportunities and strategies while protecting your wealth during adverse financial market conditions.
    Find out more information on strategies to invest money.
  • Step 7: Early mortgage repaymentIf you can afford to make extra payments, overpaying your mortgage means you pay less interest in the future and pay off your mortgage sooner. This means you could save a lot of money. On a $150,000 mortgage at 5% with 25 years remaining, paying off a £5,000 lump sum reduces the interest by £11,500 and means you would repay it 18 months earlier.

    Download for free MacroVar Personal Manager, a mobile app designed to help you in speeding mortgage repayment using smart budget planning tools.
  • Step 8: Emergency fund: Create your emergency fund
    Learn more on how to build your Emergency Fund.

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