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MacroVar Report (Update: 2022-08-26)
  • Global Stocks (ACWI) momentum is up , long-term (stable/overxtended) trend is up () and the stock market is in bull market regime with 80% probability.  Read More
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MacroVar: The future of Financial & Business decision making
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    Professional Top/Down Analysis of Macroeconomic & Financial Conditions based on Data Driven Models


    Risk Management Tools to Monitor and Control your Financial Risk


    Dashboard: Instantly get up to date with Financial & Economic Developments that affect you


    Newsfeed: Free Real-time Financial & Economic News Updates and Signals


    Factor Analysis: Get Updated on Factors affecting specific markets, economies, sectors and industries


    Free Financial and Economic Database of 15,000 Indicators (Direct access using API/Excel/Web).


    Personalized Financial Advice & Research to your Financial Profile


    Free Newsletter: Keep up with the latest Financial & Economic developments

MacroVar Use Cases
  • Investors & Traders
    Monitor global macroeconomic and financial market conditions with MacroVar financial analytics. MacroVar allows you to identify new trading opportunities and control your portfolio risk by providing quantitative models, multi-factor analysis, backtesting and risk management tools.
  • Entrepreneurs & Managers
    Your business is affected by financial markets and macroeconomic conditions. MacroVar is a free economic and automated financial advisor data platform designed by economists and data analysts to help you outsmart your competition, identify new opportunities, and avoid risks by predicting how economic and financial market conditions will affect your business.
  • Individuals
    MacroVar is your free automated financial advisor designed to help you increase your income, avoid risks, invest wisely, and control your assets, debt, and finances. Our aim is to help you solve your financial issues, build wealth, and secure your future by acquiring financial knowledge and new skills.
MacroVar Models
  • MacroVar uses a systematic top down approach to analyze financial markets, financial risk, macroeconomic fundamentals, global liquidity and financial news. MacroVar models are open-source and transparent.
  • Financial Markets: MacroVar models analyze the following financial markets using multiple statistical models: Stock Markets, Volatility Futures, Stock Sectors & Industries, Bonds, Credit Spreads, Currencies, Yield Curves, Short Term Interest Rates (STIR) and Commodities
  • Financial Risk Management: MacroVar models monitor risk across financial markets including equity risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, bond risk, FX risk, Banking risk and Country risk to help users adapt their strategy proactively before periods of rising risk.
  • Macroeconomic models: MacroVar analyzes the economic growth of the global economy as a whole and the 35 largest economies in the world by monitoring macroeconomic and financial indicators for each country.
  • Factor Analysis: MacroVar analyzes individual factors affecting each specific market using multiple statistical models.