Optimize your business by forecasting Economic & Financial conditions using MacroVar Research & AI

Use MacroVar research to monitor and predict how financial & economic developments will affect your business. Identify new opportunities in new markets, avoid risks and optimize your financial planning. Focus on data driven ai-powered financial and economic analytics personalized for your business.


Monitor financial markets, news and economic signals


Monitor and forecast how Financial & Economic conditions will affect your business. Use AI-Powered Research. Find new opportunities and avoid potential risks.

Small Business

Get in-depth Top-Down analysis of Financial & Economic conditions across Global - Country - Sector and Industry views. Use AI-Powered MacroGPT to explore opportunities and risk across reports for your industry.


Give your team unlimited Access to MacroVar models, Factor analysis, AI-Powered Research and Database

Enterprise Custom Solutions


(Billed $468/year)


(Billed $2,388/year)


(Billed $5,988/year)

Monitor real-time Financial & Macroeconomic signals and newsflow personalized to your business
Delayed Newsfeed
Country Financial, Economic and Risk Analysis
Monitor the countries your business is active in using MacroVar’s financial, economic growth and country risk monitors.
Global Risk Analysis
Monitor Global Risk using MacroVar Risk Management
Sector Overview
Forecast your Business performance based on MacroVar multi-factor analysis covering your sector’s stock and credit markets, newsflow and supply chain.
Sector Premium Research
Get an in-depth analysis of your Business sector by analyzing more than 20,000+ Indicators related to your business.
Use the power of AI combined with MacroVar Models & Research to get real-time analytics based on MacroVar economic & ncial data and research.
Signals & Models
Access Data & Signals generated from MacroVar models using web interface, Excel or Python API
Users & Data Distribution
Multiple users can access MacroVar data using a single account. You can use MacroVar data to build your own applications and branding.
1 User Unlimited
Export Data
Export data using MacroVar web interface
Excel & Python API
Access MacroVar data & signals directly from Microsoft Excel and/or Python.
Daily Newsletter
Get up-to-date, in-depth expert analysis for the financial & economic developments related to your Business daily


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