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MacroVar Projects
Use MacroVar search engine to monitor and filter the projectst that match your skills from 40,000 new job opportunities posted daily
Business Accelerator Education
Get an in depth guide on: 1. Getting Started with Freelance Projects, 2. Finding Work, Submitting porposals and Winning projects, 3. Doing the work & getting paid and Growing your Business.
Job Security Monitor
Monitor the performance of the sector and industry you work in, based on MacroVar analysis of the sector’s performance and news.
Assets Advisor
Monitor real estate prices and trends on a country and local level using data gathered by real estate websites like Zillow and other economic indicators.
Debt Advisor
Use MacroVar tools to monitor your budget, spending, debt repayments and saving.
Monitor real-time Financial & Macroeconomic signals and newsflow personalized to your financial profile
Daily Newsletter
Get up-to-date, in-depth expert analysis for the financial & economic developments personalized to your financial profile daily