Monitor Markets & Economic Dynamics using Data-Driven analytics & research

MacroVar offers quantitative research and strategies based on real-time financial and macroeconomic data analytics. MacroVar analytics are used to manage investment portfolios and manage risk.






(Billed $588/year)


(Billed $1,068/year)


(Billed $2,388/year)

Models & Signals
Access to real-time stream of MacroVar Signals & Indicators based on Quantitative Models
Database & Models
Data access using MacroVar Website
10 Years History
(50 Free Requests/month)
Unlimited History
(Unlimited Requests)
Unlimited History
(Unlimited Requests)
Unlimited History
(Unlimited Requests)
Excel & API Database Access
Access MacroVar data & signals directly using Microsoft Excel and Python.
Research Reports
MacroVar generates research reports based on financial & macroeconomic signals and risk monitors suited for portfolio management and risk management
Multi-Factor Models
Get access to MacroVar quantitative models. MacroVar multi-factor models are used to analyze financial assets based on multiple macroeconomic and financial factors (e.g. Manufacturing PMI, Services PMI, Credit Default Swaps)
Risk Management Tools
Get access to MacroVar risk management models & data. MacroVar risk management models analyze risk across financial assets to help investors proactively adapt their portfolios.
Users & Data Distribution
Multiple users can access MacroVar data using a single account. You can use MacroVar data to build your own applications and branding.


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