Larry Swedroe Portfolio

Investment Summary
The Larry Swedroe Portfolio is investing in a constant portfolio of stock and bond mutual funds with the intention of holding them for long periods and not react on short term fluctuations.

The investor invests in accordance with a pre-determined strategy that doesn’t include any forecasting or market timing or stock picking.

Larry Swedroe portfolio however is a simple investment methodology and experiences heavy losses during market corrections and market crisis.
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Investment Performance
Investment Return (?):8.65%Volatility (?):6.05%Sharpe Ratio:0.55Maximum Drawdown:-20.60%
Investment’s Fundamental Concept:
The Larry Swedroe portfolio allocation is: 1) US Small Caps (15%), 2) Foreign Emerging Markets (15%), 3) T-bills (35%), 4) TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities) (35%) using ETFs.

Larry Swedroe portfolio strategy Performance for the period 1973-2013 is displayed below:

Larry Swedroe portfolio

Other Investment Strategy Characteristics:
Investment Type:Buy & HoldInvestment Risk:3/5 AverageBacktest Range:5-10 yearsRebalancing period:Monthly
Investment Strategy Markets:
  • US Small Caps
  • Foreign Emerging Markets
  • T-bills
  • TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protection Securities)