Passive Investment

Investment Summary
The Passive Investment Portfolio is investing in a constant portfolio of stocks, bonds, stock indexes other securities with the intention of holding them for long periods and not react on short term fluctuations.

The investor invests in accordance with a pre-determined strategy that doesn’t include any forecasting or market timing or stock picking. Passive investment have minimum fees and significant tax benefits.

Passive Investment investing however is a simple investment methodology and experiences heavy losses during market corrections and market crisis.
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Investment Performance
Investment Return (?): 10.60% Volatility (?): 11.05% Sharpe Ratio: 0.55 Maximum Drawdown: -20.22%
Investment’s Fundamental Concept:
The Passive Investment Investing strategy is: 1) Canadian equity (33.3%), 2) U.S. equity (33.3%), 3) Canadian bond (33.3%) using ETFs of Vanguard.

Passive Investment strategy Performance for the period 2006-2012 is displayed below:

Couch Potato Investing

Passive Investment Investing Performance for the period 2006-2015 is displayed below:

Couch Potato Investing Performance

Other Investment Strategy Characteristics:
Investment Type: Buy & Hold Investment Risk: 3/5 Average Backtest Range: 5-10 years Rebalancing period: Monthly
Investment Strategy Markets:
  • Canadian equities
  • U.S. equities
  • Canadian bonds