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Understanding the Producer Price Index (PPI): Key Insights and Trends

The producer price index (PPI) is used to measure the average change in selling prices of domestic producers for the goods and services provided.

There are two groups of economic indicators namely Purchasing Price Index all goods, and Purchasing price index ex Food and Energy. Purchasing Price index ex Food and Energy is also known as core PPI and is calculated in the same way as the PPI however the goods included do not include any food items and items linked to the price of energy.

More specifically, in the United States PPI statistics including food and energy are released during the second week of each month for the previous month by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Purchasing Price Index Statistical analysis

MacroVar analyzes producer price index for all countries monitored, by calculating the month by month percentage changes and comparing the latest value to historical distribution.

Historically, the US has experienced a lot more positive than negative data proving a constant steady inflation.

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