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World Drewry World Container Index: 4226.49 (3.79%)
Last Update: May 30, 2024

World Drewry World Container Index closed down 4226.49 as of May 30, 2024 from 4072.28 from the previous month and 3287.34 from last year.

World Drewry World Container Index Analytics & Data

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World Drewry World Container Index

2024-05-30 4226.49
2024-05-23 4072.28
2024-05-16 3510.62
2024-05-09 3158.6
2024-05-02 2725.45
2024-04-25 2705.54
2024-04-18 2718.54
2024-04-11 2795.1
2024-04-04 2835.51
2024-03-28 2928.99
2024-03-21 3009.73
2024-03-14 3161.83
2024-03-07 3287.34
2024-02-29 3493.19
2024-02-22 3659.41
2024-02-15 3732.7
2024-02-08 3785.82
2024-02-01 3823.53
2024-01-25 3964.18
2024-01-18 3776.78

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World Drewry World Container Index Statistics

Drewry World Container Indexwci.world4226.494072.28429UPUP802024-05-30

World News Stream

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MSCI ACWI ETFACWI90.92-0.5-0.5-0.6240545.75580.010.01213-0.002190.09847
MSCI ACWI IndexACWI655.0450.5-0.5-0.2112953.34520.019290.038680.013570.07799
MSCI ACWI ex USAMSCI.ACWIEXUSA837.7490.5-1-1.6338851.27790.019470.030010.017040.05513
MSCI EAFEMSCI.EAFE2006.050.5-1-1.4646653.15940.019050.032510.011520.0387
MSCI WorldMSCI.WORLD2852.550.5-0.5-0.0538654.16030.019680.040710.012820.06509
ACWI ETFEWA7537.710.512.1820552.07390.00573-0.061150.08340.65892
World Macroeconomic Indicators

MV Global Manufacturing PMIgl.manpmi45.248.74-7-8DownDown232023-08-31
MV Global Services PMIgl.servpmi53.234953.6299-1-8DownDown52022-05-31
MV Developed Markets Manufacturing PMI gl.dmanpmi44.947.47-5-8DownDown442023-08-31
MV Emerging Markets Manufacturing PMI gl.emanpmi50.550.1811UPUP702023-08-31
JPM Global Manufacturing PMIgl.jpmmanpmi48.748.70-5DownDown442023-07-31
JPM Global Services PMIgl.jpmservpmi52.753.9-23UPUP792023-07-31
JPM Global Composite PMIgl.jpmcomppmi51.752.7-22UPUP752023-07-31
Global Citigroup Economic Surprise Indexgl.cesi5.67.3-23-49DownDown162024-06-03
MacroVar ISM New Orders Synthetic Indicatorism.neworders.synthetic53.0250.325-2DownDown612023-06-30
MacroVar ISM Inflation Synthetic Indicatorism.inflation.synthetic51.0353.2-4-36DownDown22023-06-30
Global Manufacturing PMI Breadthglobal.manpmi.breadth62.162289.18928536.04-23-100.0-100.002022-07-31
MV Fragile 5 Countries Manufacturing PMIfragile.manpmi53.5752.7910UPUP612023-07-31
MV Developed Countries Inflation CPIdm.cpi6.85.9514-14UPDown472023-08-31
MV Emerging Countries Inflation CPIem.cpi5.412.011695UPUP482023-07-31
MV Global Inflation CPIglobal.cpi6.87.43-8-8UPDown442023-08-31
30 Day Average SOFR sofr.30day5.33375.33300UPDown512024-06-18
180 Day Average SOFRsofr.180day5.3887300000000015.3886100DownDown512024-06-18
90 Day Average SOFRsofr.90day5.35281999999999955.352600UPDown512024-06-18
Prime rateprime8.58.500DownDown512024-06-17
Drewry World Container Indexwci.world4226.494072.28429UPUP802024-05-30
Shanghai to Rotterdam Container Indexwci.shanghai.rotterdam52704999544UPUP782024-05-30
Shanghai to Genova Container Indexwci.shanghai.genova56935494428UPUP782024-05-30
Shanghai to Los Angeles Container Indexwci.shanghai.la53905277226UPUP662024-05-30
Shanghai to New York Container Indexwci.shanghai.ny68356463625UPUP772024-05-30
Rotterdam to Shanghai Container Indexwci.rotterdam.shanghai6776731-21DownDown172024-05-30
Los Angeles to Shanghai Container
New York to Rotterdam Container Indexwci.ny.rotterdam628630-01DownUP782024-05-30
Rotterdam to New York Container Indexwci.rotterdam.ny22222241-11DownUP742024-05-30