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Chemicals Industry Financial Factors

US Chemicals industryUS.CHEMICALS797.760.5-1-1.3411851.35540.017540.029850.00514-0.05905
Europe Chemicals industryEU.CHEMICALS2366.57-1-1-1.7234.17760-0.00483-0.055040.11498
STOXX Asia Pacific 600 ChemicalsAPAC.CHEMICALS227.230.50.750.7919760.38280.015330.075440.043340.141
Eastern Europe ChemicalsEEU.CHEMICALS115.15-1-1-1.6124841.06240.00445-0.00561-0.11437-0.41045
US Chemicals Credit SpreadsUS.CHEMICALS.CR166.98-0.5-1-1.8239643.0087-0.020760.12391-0.09525-0.14206
Europe Chemicals Credit SpreadsEU.CHEMICALS.CR130.01-1-1-1.0475432.3881-0.0049-0.01842-0.05102-0.09268

Chemicals Industry Overview

The Chemicals sector includes the subsectors of Commodity Chemicals and Specialty Chemicals.

The Commodity Chemicals subsector includes the production and distribution of simple chemical products that are primarily used to formulate more complex chemicals or products, including plastics and rubber in their raw form, fiberglass and synthetic fibers.

The Specialty Chemicals subsector includes the production and distribution of finished chemicals for industries or end users, including dyes, cellular polymers, coatings, special plastics and other chemicals for specialized applications. Includes makers of colorings, flavors and fragrances, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals used to make drugs, paint in its pigment form and glass in its unfinished form. Excludes producers of paint and glass products used for construction, which are classified under Building Materials & Fixtures.