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Consumer Services industry Financial Factors

Market Symbol Last Mom Trend Exh RSI 1D% 1W% 1M% 1Y%
US Consumer Services industry US.CONSSERV 1342.48 1 0.25 0.49598 58.6487 0.01908 0.0721 0.03708 0.10051
Europe Consumer Services industry EU.CONSSERV 523.1 0 0.5 -0.07123 56.9621 -0.12 1.46 6.9 -0.06593
US Consumer Services Credit Spreads US.CONSSERV.CR 120.73 -0.5 -1 -2.18377 37.5554 -0.01405 0.08805 -0.12987 -0.25286
Europe Consumer Services Credit Spreads EU.CONSUMERSERV.CR 130.87 -1 -1 -1.21583 31.208 -0.00721 -0.02474 -0.05632 -0.15091

Consumer Services industry Overview

The Consumer services Industry includes the super sectors of Retail, Media and Travel & Leisure. The super sector of Retail includes the sectors of Food & Drug Retailers and General Retailers.

The sector of Food & Drug Retailers includes Drug Retailers and Food Retailers & Wholesalers.

The subsector of Drug Retailers includes Operators of pharmacies, including wholesalers and distributors catering to these businesses. The subsector of Food Retailers & Wholesalers includes supermarkets, food oriented convenience stores and other food retailers and distributors. Includes retailers of dietary supplements and vitamins.

The sector of General Retailers includes the subsectors of Apparel Retailers, Broadline Retailers, Home Improvement Retailers, Specialized Consumer Services and Specialty Retailers. The subsector of Apparel Retailers includes Retailers and wholesalers specializing mainly in clothing, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and other accessories. The subsector of Broadline Retailers includes Retail outlets and wholesalers offering a wide variety of products including both hard goods and soft goods. The subsector of Home Improvement Retailers includes Retailers and wholesalers concentrating on the sale of home improvement products, including garden equipment, carpets, wallpaper, paint, home furniture, blinds and curtains, and building materials. The subsector of Specialized Consumer Services includes Providers of consumer services such as auction houses, day care centers, dry cleaners, schools, consumer rental companies, veterinary clinics, hair salons and providers of funeral, lawn maintenance, consumer storage, heating and cooling installation and plumbing services. The subsector of Specialty Retailers includes Retailers and wholesalers concentrating on a single class of goods, such as electronics, books, automotive parts or closeouts. Includes automobile dealerships, video rental stores, dollar stores, duty free shops and automotive fuel stations not owned by oil companies.

The sectors of Media includes subsectors of Broadcasting & Entertainment, Media Agencies and Publishing.

The subsector of Broadcasting & Entertainment includes Producers, operators and broadcasters of radio, television, music and filmed entertainment. Excludes movie theaters, which are classified under Recreational Services.

The subsector of Media Agencies includes companies providing advertising, public relations and marketing services. Includes billboard providers and telemarketers. The subsector of Publishing includes Publishers of information via printed or electronic media.

The supersector of Travel & Leisure includes subsectors of Airlines, Gambling, Hotels, Recreational Services, Restaurants & Bars and Travel & Tourism. The subsector of Airlines includes companies providing primarily passenger air transport. Excludes airports, which are classified under Transportation Services. The subsector of Gambling includes providers of gambling and casino facilities. Includes online casinos, racetracks and the manufacturers of pachinko machines and casi no and lottery equipment.

The subsector of Hotels includes Operators and managers of hotels, motels, lodges, resorts, spas and campgrounds. The subsector of Recreational Services includes providers of leisure facilities and services, including fitness centers, cruise lines, movie theaters and sports teams. The subsector of Restaurants & Bars includes operators of restaurants, fast food facilities, coffee shops and bars. Includes integrated brewery companies and catering companies. The subsector of travel & Tourism includes companies providing travel and tourism related services, including travel agents, online travel reservation services, automobile rental firms and companies that primarily provide passenger transportation, such as buses, taxis, passenger rail and ferry companies.