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industrial goods and services industry Financial Factors

Market Symbol Last Mom Trend Exh RSI 1D% 1W% 1M% 1Y%
US Industrial Goods & Services industry US.INDGOODSSERVS 1005.15 0.5 -0.75 -0.69245 50.5329 0.02136 0.0335 0.00445 -0.00755
Europe Industrial Goods & Services industry EU.INDGOODS 1444.79 -1 -0.75 -1.00951 36.3461 0 -0.00336 -0.04175 0.21692
STOXX Asia Pacific 600 Industrial Goods & Services APAC.INDGDS 267.65 0.5 -0.75 -0.6852 50.6357 0.00255 0.04258 0.00292 0.04168
Eastern Europe Industrial Goods & Services EEU.INDGDS 85.58 -1 0.5 1.03301 45.8387 0.00991 -0.00117 -0.0438 0.37699
US Industrial Goods & Services Credit Spreads US.INDGOODSSERV.CR 101.97 -0.5 -1 -2.05816 38.5904 -0.01649 0.13628 -0.14982 -0.27273
Europe Industrial Goods & Services Credit Spreads EU.INDGOODS 135.18 -1 -0.75 -1.15572 31.4099 -0.0053 -0.0183 -0.05627 -0.12697

industrial goods and services industry Overview

The Industrial Goods & Services sectors includes the subsectors of Aerospace & Defense, General Industrials, Electronic & Electrical Equipment, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Transportation and Support Services. The sector of Aerospace & Defense includes companies engaged in the manufacturing, assembly and distribution of aircraft and aircraft parts primarily used in commercial or private air transport. It also includes companies engaed in the production of components and equipment for the defense industry, including military aircraft, radar equipment and weapons. The sector of General Industrials includes companies engaged in three or more classes of business within the Industrial industry that differ substantially from each other. The sector of Electronic & Electrical Equipment includes companies engaged in production and distribution of electrical parts for finished products, such as printed circuit boards for radios, televisions and other consumer electronics. Includes makers of cables, wires, ceramics, transistors, electric adapters, fuel cells and security cameras. It also includes companies engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of electronic products used in different industries. Includes makers of lasers, smart cards, bar scanners, fingerprinting equipment and other electronic factory equipment. The sector of Industrial Engineering includes companies engaged in manufacturing and distribution of commercial vehicles and heavy agricultural and construction machinery, including rail cars, tractors, bulldozers, cranes, buses and industrial lawn mowers. Includes nonmilitary shipbuilders, such as builders of cruise ships and ferries. It also includes companies engaged in the design, manufacturing, distribution and installers of industrial machinery and factory equipment, such as machine tools, lathes, presses and assembly line equipment. Includes makers of pollution control equipment, castings, pressings, welded shapes, structural steelwork, compressors, pumps, bearings, elevators and escalators. The sector of Industrial Transportation includes companies engaged in operation of mail and package delivery services for commercial and consumer use. Includes courier and logistic services primarily involving air transportation. It also includes companies engaged in the on water transportation for commercial markets, such as container shipping. It also includes companies engaged in the railway transportation and operation of railway lines.  It also includes companies engaged in providing services to the Industrial Transportation sector, including companies that manage airports, train depots, roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, and providers of logistic services to shippers of goods. It also includes companies that provide commercial trucking services. The sector of Support Services includes companies engaged in Business Support Services, Business Training & Employment Agencies, Financial Administration, Industrial Suppliers and Waste & Disposal Services