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Oil and Gas Industry Financial Factors

US Oil & Gas industryUS.INDOILGAS746.2-10.250.445.170.73-1.67-0.866.86
Europe Oil & Gas industryEU.OIL540.98-1-1-1.1236.63-2.19-6.59-8.31-0.4
STOXX Asia Pacific 600 Oil & GasAPAC.OILGAS138.39-0.5-0.75-1.0938.190.7-5.77-9.04-0.34
Eastern Europe Oil & GasEEU.OILGAS134.86-1-0.75-1.2238.53-0.13-5.29-16.77-0.34
US Oil & Gas Credit SpreadsUS.OILGAS.CR109.78-1-1-1.2937.190.04-2.12-0.35-33.9
Europe Oil & Gas Credit SpreadsEU.OILGAS.CR121.92-1-1-1.4742.330.75-0.03-4-31.2

Oil and Gas Industry Overview

The Oil & Gas industry includes the economic sectors of Oil & Gas producers, Oil equipment, services and distribution and alternative energy. The Oil & Gas production sector includes the subsectors of Exploration & Production and integrated & oil gas. The exploration & production subsector includes companies engaged in the exploration for and drilling, production, refining and supply of oil and gas producs. Integrated Oil & Gas subsector includes companies engaged in the exploration for drilling, production, refining, distribution and retail sales of oil and gas products. The Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution sector includes the subsectors of Oil Equipment & Services and Pipelines. The Oil Equipment & Services subsector includes companies engaged in the supply of equipment and services to oil fields and offshore platforms, such as drilling, exploration, seismicinformation services and platform construction. The Pipelines subsector includes companies engaged in the operation of pipelines carrying oil, gas or other forms of fuel. Excludes pipeline operators that derive the majority of their revenues from direct sales to end users, which are classified under Gas Distribution.The Alternative Energy sector includes the subsectors of Renewable Energy Equipment and Alternative Fuels. The Renewable Energy Equipment subsector includes companies that develop or manufacture renewable energy equipment utilizing sources such as solar, wind, tidal, geothermal hydro, and waves. The Alternative Fuels subsector includes companies that produce alternative fuels such as ethanol, methanol, hydrogen and biofuels that are mainly used to power vehicles, and companies that are involved in the production of vehicle fuel cells and/ or the development of alternative fuelling infrastructure.