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Technology sector Financial Factors

US Technology industryUS.TECHNOLOGY4488.2210.50.7981854.38460.014590.059420.014430.33719
Europe Technology industryEU.TECH997.890-0.5-0.213951.39010.025930.03569-0.023580.27254
STOXX Asia/Pacific 600 TechnologyAPAC.TECHN306.95-0.5-0.5-0.2220650.05610.01950.0438-0.007370.09856
Eastern Europe TechnologyEEU.TECHN95.19111.3368159.79030.003060.02190.056260.1437
US Technology Credit SpreadsUS.TECH.CR92.29-0.5-1-2.0821139.4405-0.013680.1529-0.16115-0.33128
Europe Technology Credit SpreadsEU.TECH.CR139.36-1-1-1.3146130.7108-0.00931-0.02892-0.06776-0.05113

Technology sector Overview

The Technology industry includes the sectors of Software & Computer Services and Technology Hardware & Equipment

The sector of Software & Computer Services includes the subsectors of Computer Services, Internet and Software.

The subsector of Computer Services includes companies that provide consulting services to other businesses relating to information technology. Includes providers of computer system design, systems integration, network and systems operations, data management and storage, repair services and technical support.

The subsector of Internet includes companies providing Internet related services, such as Internet access providers and search engines and providers of Web site design, Web hosting, domain name registration and e mail services.

The subsector of Software includes Publishers and distributors of computer software for home or corporate use. Excludes computer game producers, which are classified under Toys.

The sector of Technology Hardware & Equipment includes Computer Hardware, Electronic Office Equipment, Semiconductors and Telecommunications Equipment.