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travel and leisure industry Financial Factors

US Travel & Leisure industryUS.TRAVEL1335.070.5-0.5-0.4586655.2280.033370.055040.012350.07696
Europe Travel & Leisure industryEU.TRAVEL641.920-0.75-0.6895943.50880.037280.02478-0.054080.27641
STOXX Asia/Pacific 600 Travel & LeisureAPAC.TRAVEL196.520.5-1-1.4529956.12320.007540.040450.001840.04122
Eastern Europe Travel & LeisureEEU.TRAVEL145.5500.250.4008546.7812-0.000550.01755-0.0620.24338
US Travel & Leisure Credit SpreadsUS.TRAVEL.CR113.24-0.5-1-1.9214739.6679-0.01530.17214-0.15782-0.30536
Europe Travel & Leisure Credit SpreadsEU.TRAVEL.CR121.83-1-1-1.165935.785-0.00895-0.0205-0.04124-0.14529

travel and leisure industry Overview

The supersector of Travel & Leisure includes subsectors of Airlines, Gambling, Hotels, Recreational Services, Restaurants & Bars and Travel & Tourism. The subsector of Airlines includes companies providing primarily passenger air transport. Excludes airports, which are classified under Transportation Services. The subsector of Gambling includes providers of gambling and casino facilities. Includes online casinos, racetracks and the manufacturers of pachinko machines and casi no and lottery equipment. The subsector of Hotels includes Operators and managers of hotels, motels, lodges, resorts, spas and campgrounds. The subsector of Recreational Services includes providers of leisure facilities and services, including fitness centers, cruise lines, movie theaters and sports teams. The subsector of Restaurants & Bars includes operators of restaurants, fast food facilities, coffee shops and bars. Includes integrated brewery companies and catering companies. The subsector of travel & Tourism includes companies providing travel and tourism related services, including travel agents, online travel reservation services, automobile rental firms and companies that primarily provide passenger transportation, such as buses, taxis, passenger rail and ferry companies.