US Interest Rates

The current US interest rate is 1.3832% as of December 7, 2022. You can find the latest US interest rates on MacroVar.

Update: 2022-12-12
Fed Funds rate 3.83%
Prime rate 7.0%
LIBOR 1 Month -0.61943%
LIBOR 3 Months 4.73257%
LIBOR 6 Months 5.14914%
LIBOR 12 Months 5.42943%
SOFR rate 3.8%
90-Day Average SOFR 3.3313699999999997%
30-Day Average SOFR 3.80799%
180-Day Average SOFR 2.64102%

US Interest Rates Chart

US Interest rates

US Interest Rates Statistics & Data

MacroVar provides analytics and historical data for the following US interest rates: Fed funds rate, USD 1-month LIBOR, USD 3-month LIBOR, USD 6-month LIBOR and SOFR rate. Moreover, MacroVar montiors the dynamics of SOFR futures and the SOFR forward curve to gauge the market expectations for the Federal Reserve's monetary policy actions (rate hikes/cuts) and its effects on the economy.