Canada capital flows

Canada capital flows: 3966 (-150.39%)
Last Update: December 31, 2023

Canada capital flows closed down 3966 as of December 31, 2023 from -7870 from the previous month and 1018 from last year.

Canada capital flows Analytics & Data

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Canada capital flows

2023-12-31 3966
2023-09-30 -7870
2023-06-30 -10909
2023-03-31 -4898
2022-12-31 -3583
2022-09-30 -14595
2022-06-30 3007
2022-03-31 3715
2021-12-31 3845
2021-09-30 -3855
2021-06-30 -556
2021-03-31 2438
2020-12-31 1018
2020-09-30 -13731
2020-06-30 0
2020-03-31 -48
2019-12-31 0
2019-09-30 0
2019-06-30 0
2019-03-31 -89

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Canada capital flows Statistics

capital flowsca.capitalflows3966-7870-150290UPUP722023-12-31

Canada capital flows Factors

What is the Canada capital flows

Welcome to our webpage on Canada capital flows! This page provides you with up-to-date and historical data, trends and signals, analytics, and charts related to capital flows in Canada.

But first, what are capital flows? Capital flows refer to the movement of money into or out of a country for the purpose of investment, trade, or borrowing. These flows include foreign investments in Canadian assets (such as stocks, bonds, and real estate) as well as Canadian investments abroad. Tracking and analyzing capital flows is essential for understanding the dynamics of a country's economy and financial markets.

Interpreting Canada capital flows is crucial for various stakeholders. Investors can use this information to evaluate the attractiveness of the Canadian market, identify investment opportunities, and manage risks. Policymakers can monitor capital flows to assess the health of the economy, determine the impact of their policies, and make informed decisions to maintain stability. Researchers and academics can gain insights into financial trends and patterns, contributing to a better understanding of the global economy.

Our webpage offers comprehensive data visualization tools to help you visualize and interpret Canada's capital flows. Through charts and analytics, you can easily grasp the historical trends, spot anomalies, and identify potential turning points. Our sophisticated algorithms generate real-time signals and analysis, allowing you to stay ahead of the game and make data-driven decisions.

What's more, you can export historical data for free! This feature enables you to conduct further analysis or integrate the data into your own models and systems. Take advantage of this convenient resource to delve deeper into the dynamics of capital flows and derive valuable insights.

To enhance your analysis, we also provide MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. MacroVar is a powerful tool that combines different economic and financial variables to generate a comprehensive view of market conditions. By utilizing these signals, you can stay informed about the key market trends and potential risks that might impact capital flows.

Whether you are an investor, policymaker, or researcher, our webpage offers you access to a wealth of information on Canada capital flows. Start exploring the data today and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics driving the Canadian economy and its financial markets!

Canada Financial Markets

S&P/TSX CompositeTSE20375.910.50.8417566.9294-0.001680.016920.04088-0.00536
Canada ETFEWC32.07-0.5-1-2.2684440.01930.01040.0025-0.00435-0.02906
Canadian Dollar US Dollar (CAD/USD)CADUSD 1.37380.511.4270452.3244-0.00866-0.00680.002480.03441
Canada 10-Year Bond YieldCA.10Y3.85-10.751.1626141.8171-0.01635-0.03726-0.068250.23318
Canada 5-Year Bond YieldCA.5Y3.888-0.50.751.3429144.0671-0.00359-0.04892-0.022620.21881
Canada 2-year bond yieldCA.2Y4.651-10.250.679137.60410.00562-0.0167-0.045360.21025
Canada Yield CurveCA.YC-0.714011.3000353.15510.172410.09846-0.046730.20405
Canada Credit Default SwapsCDS.Canada39.6-10.50.4635649.30240000.00943
Canada Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeca.balanceoftrade-1050-1990-47-61DownUP532024-05-31
bank lending rateca.banks.lendingrate7.26.7753UPUP802023-07-31
banks balance sheetca.banks.bs1209660120803005UPUP452024-01-31
building permitsca.buildingpermits12841600105330002230UPUP972024-04-30
business confidenceca.bizconfidence5263-17-3DownDown472024-05-31
capacity utilizationca.caputilization78.578.6-0-4DownDown182024-03-31
capital flowsca.capitalflows3966-7870-150290UPUP722023-12-31
car registrationsca.carregistrations175066171641218UPUP932024-04-30
central bank balance sheetca.cb.assets283858306915-8-26DownDown22024-04-30
consumer confidenceca.consconfidence4847.890-3DownDown552024-04-30
consumer price index cpica.cpi160.6159.813UPUP492024-04-30
core inflation rateca.coreinflationrate1.62-20-61DownDown52024-04-30
current accountca.currentaccount-5400-450020-429DownDown82024-03-31
current account to gdpca.currentaccountgdp0.1-1.9-105-103UPUP02021-01-31
deposit interest rateca.depositrate5.135.17-1-1DownDown52023-08-15
external debtca.externaldebt41502503937380532UPUP632026-01-31
fiscal expenditureca.fiscalexp3376338529-127DownUP612024-02-29
foreign direct investmentca.fdi1134320135-44197DownUP922023-12-31
foreign exchange reservesca.fxreserves11795011625117UPUP672024-03-31
Real GDPca.realgdp23658102356070014UPUP942024-03-31
gdp growthca.gdpgrowth0.40.2100-71DownDown382024-03-31
gdp growth annualca.gdpgrowthan0.51-50150DownUP912024-03-31
gdp growth annualizedca.gdpgrowthannu1.70.11600-65DownDown402024-03-31
gold reservesca.goldres03-100-100DownDown02015-12-31
government budgetca.govbudget-1.3-3.6-64-38UPUP572023-01-31
Government budgetca.govbudgetvalue-335908300-505-24DownUP552024-03-31
government debt to gdpca.govdebtgdp107112.8-532UPUP02022-01-31
government revenuesca.govrev4640941239134UPUP522024-02-29
housing indexca.housingindex124.4124.7-01DownUP392023-02-28
housing startsca.housingstarts240.2242.3-1-8DownDown222024-04-30
industrial productionca.indproduction0.410.5-18-78UPDown572024-03-31
industrial production momca.indproductionmm-0.040.24-117-109DownDown532024-03-31
inflation cpica.inflationcpi2.72.9-7-39DownDown422024-04-30
interbank rateca.interbankrate5.55.4900UPDown132023-08-15
interest rateca.interestrate54.755100UPUP742023-07-12
loans to private sectorca.loanprivate670614671752-06UPUP252024-01-31
Manufacturing PMIca.manpmi49.349.4-01UPUP662024-05-31
money supply m0ca.msm0249012249955-0-24DownDown52024-02-29
money supply m1ca.msm1151681015081901-0UPDown292024-02-29
money supply m2ca.msm22520820250517014UPUP252024-02-29
money supply m3ca.msm33620920361169005UPUP142024-02-29
Producer Price Indexca.producerprices127.6125.721UPUP672024-04-30
PPI Indexca.producerpricesch1.4-0.5-380-139UPUP272024-04-30
retail sales MoMca.retailsales-0.2-0.1100-107DownDown152024-04-30
retail salesca.retailsalesan1.91.258-28UPDown632024-03-31
retail sales ex autosca.retailsalesexauto-0.6-0.22000DownDown02024-03-31
unemployment rateca.unemploymentrate6.26.1219UPUP772024-05-31
youth unemployment rateca.ytunemploymentrate12.612.8-217UPUP722024-05-31