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Denmark government budget: 3.1 (-6.06%)
Last Update: December 31, 2023

Denmark government budget closed down 3.1 as of December 31, 2023 from 3.3 from the previous month and -2.1 from last year.

Denmark government budget Analytics & Data

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Denmark government budget

2023-12-31 3.1
2022-12-31 3.3
2021-12-31 4.1
2020-12-31 0.2
2019-12-31 4.1
2018-12-31 0.5
2017-12-31 1.5
2016-12-31 -0.1
2015-12-31 -1.3
2014-12-31 1.1
2013-12-31 -1.2
2012-12-31 -3.5
2011-12-31 -2.1
2010-12-31 -2.7
2009-12-31 -2.8
2008-12-31 3.2
2007-12-31 5
2006-12-31 5
2005-12-31 5
2004-12-31 2.1

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Denmark government budget Statistics

government budgetdk.govbudget3.13.3-6-248UPUP02023-01-31

Denmark government budget Factors

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What is the Denmark government budget

Welcome to our webpage on the Denmark government budget! Here, you will find a comprehensive overview of the current and historical data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts related to the Denmark government budget.

What is Denmark Government Budget?

The Denmark government budget refers to the financial plan and allocation of resources by the Danish government for a specific fiscal year. It outlines the revenue sources, expenditure items, and fiscal policies pursued by the government to achieve its economic and social objectives. This budget is a crucial tool for policymakers, economists, businesses, and researchers, as it provides valuable insights into the country's fiscal policy and economic performance.

Interpreting the Denmark Government Budget:

1. Revenue Sources: The budget showcases the income streams of the Danish government, including taxes, customs duties, fees, grants, and other sources. Analyzing the revenue composition can help understand the government's taxation policies and the extent of reliance on different sources of income.

2. Expenditure Items: The budget highlights the government's planned spending on various sectors, such as healthcare, education, defense, infrastructure, welfare, and more. By examining the allocation of funds, one can gain insights into the government's priorities, social and economic policies, and potential areas for growth or reduction in expenditure.

3. Fiscal Policies: The budget also outlines the fiscal policies pursued by the Danish government, including measures to stimulate economic growth, control inflation, manage public debt, and ensure sustainable fiscal management. Analyzing these policies can provide a broader understanding of the government's economic objectives and strategies.

Analytical Tools and Features:

1. Current and Historical Data: Our webpage provides both the current and historical data on the Denmark government budget. This allows users to compare annual budgets, identify long-term trends, and track changes in revenue and expenditure patterns over time.

2. Trends and Signals: Our platform utilizes advanced analytical tools to identify trends, patterns, and signals within the Denmark government budget. These insights can offer valuable information for investors, businesses, and researchers to make informed decisions and predictions about the economy.

3. Analytics and Charts: Our webpage offers a range of interactive charts and visualizations to present the Denmark government budget data in a user-friendly manner. These charts enable users to easily interpret complex information, spot patterns, and perform in-depth analysis.

4. Export Historical Data: Users can export the historical data from our webpage for free, allowing them to conduct further analysis, create their own charts, and combine the budget data with other relevant economic indicators. This feature enhances the flexibility and customization of data analysis.

5. MacroVar Signals and Analysis: In addition to the budget data, users can also access our MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. MacroVar offers real-time insights and predictive analysis, allowing users to anticipate future developments, potential risks, and opportunities based on historical trends and patterns.

In conclusion, our webpage provides a comprehensive platform to explore and analyze the Denmark government budget. By reviewing current and historical data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts, users can gain valuable insights into the country's fiscal policies, economic performance, and potential future developments. Take advantage of our export functionality and MacroVar signals to further enhance your analysis and understanding of the Denmark government budget.

Denmark Financial Markets

OMX Copenhagen 20OMXC2218.410.511.4837853.2568-0.003260.013340.01370.22403
Denmark ETFEDEN97.62-0.5-1-1.7526843.75260.000290.02084-0.000310.18372
Danish Krone US Dollar (DKK/USD)DKKUSD 7.027-0.511.1883947.8068-0.00491-0.00559-0.00581-0.02229
Denmark 10-Year Bond YieldDK.10Y3.002-0.50.751.0911642.2427-0.01218-0.04028-0.055080.24409
Denmark 2-year bond yieldDK.2Y3.386-10.750.8283842.74890.00385-0.01081-0.009360.50959
Denmark Yield CurveDK.YC-0.302-0.511.6166555.05770.04498-0.111760.274260.13534
Denmark Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradedk.balanceoftrade23075.519789.417-11UPDown272024-04-30
banks balance sheetdk.banks.bs46935404740710-1-4DownDown212024-04-30
business confidencedk.bizconfidence2-4-150-133UPUP02024-05-31
capacity utilizationdk.caputilization80.782-26DownUP922023-06-30
capital flowsdk.capitalflows-261.380.7-424-421DownDown32024-04-30
car registrationsdk.carregistrations1466015371-54UPUP632024-05-31
central bank balance sheetdk.cb.assets678.3677.305UPUP472024-04-30
consumer confidencedk.consconfidence-8.6-7.613-53UPUP702024-04-30
consumer price index cpidk.cpi118.5118.401UPUP382024-02-29
core inflation ratedk.coreinflationrate1.51.7-12-77DownDown22024-03-31
current accountdk.currentaccount291002570013372977UPUP02024-02-29
current account to gdpdk.currentaccountgdp10.913.4-1965UPUP02023-01-31
external debtdk.externaldebt2630225900273UPUP772024-03-31
fiscal expendituredk.fiscalexp34971732039594UPUP362023-12-31
foreign direct investmentdk.fdi5.531.4-82-151DownUP202024-09-30
foreign exchange reservesdk.fxreserves63740063730006UPUP512024-05-31
Real GDPdk.realgdp58986057493538UPUP822024-09-30
gdp growthdk.gdpgrowth-1.82.7-167350DownDown02024-03-31
gdp growth annualdk.gdpgrowthan0.23.5-94-300DownUP122024-03-31
gold reservesdk.goldres66.5566.550-0DownDown512024-03-31
government budgetdk.govbudget3.13.3-6-248UPUP02023-01-31
Government budgetdk.govbudgetvalue665525684-74-202DownUP272023-12-31
government debtdk.govdebt629.58633.43-1-2DownDown572024-03-31
government debt to gdpdk.govdebtgdp29.329.8-2-36DownDown02023-01-31
government revenuesdk.govrev35637234607938UPUP562023-12-31
housing indexdk.housingindex131.97135.07-22DownUP372023-12-31
industrial productiondk.indproduction24.5-3.2-866192UPUP02024-04-30
industrial production momdk.indproductionmm11.2-4-3805500UPUP02024-04-30
inflation cpidk.inflationcpi2.20.8175-24UPDown02024-05-31
interbank ratedk.interbankrate3.83.7901UPUP132023-08-15
interest ratedk.interestrate3.353.18-3450UPUP22023-07-28
loans to private sectordk.loanprivate450.47445.311-1UPDown282024-02-29
long term unemployment ratedk.ltunemploymentrate0.60.520-40DownDown182023-12-31
Manufacturing PMIdk.manpmi45.747.6-4-25DownDown162023-05-31
money supply m0dk.msm058118.758881.6-1-14DownDown22024-03-31
money supply m1dk.msm114787301513310-2-5DownDown22024-03-31
money supply m2dk.msm217133501746750-20DownUP22024-03-31
money supply m3dk.msm319058301916710-12UPUP292024-03-31
Producer Price Indexdk.producerprices147.7146.61-1DownDown422024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYdk.producerpricesch0.81.5-47-67UPDown622024-04-30
retail sales MoMdk.retailsales-0.6-0.1500-130DownDown02024-04-30
retail salesdk.retailsalesan0.23.2-94-103DownUP02024-04-30
unemployment ratedk.unemploymentrate2.52.504UPUP722024-01-31
youth unemployment ratedk.ytunemploymentrate12.114.5-1711DownUP592024-04-30
Housing Startsdk.housingstarts339830661130UPUP702022-09-30
Construction Confidencedk.esi.constr-9.2-12.1-2400-4900UPUP38002024-01-22
Consumer Confidencedk.esi.cons-5.2-6.6-2100-7100UPUP46002024-01-22
Retail Confidencedk.esi.ret-6.6-10.2-3500-8300UPUP52002024-01-22
Services Confidencedk.esi.serv-0.80.8-20000-21400DownDown25002024-01-22
ESI - Economic Compositedk.esi.conf9693.8210UPUP852023-06-30