Denmark government revenues

Denmark government revenues: 356372 (2.97%)
Last Update: December 31, 2023

Denmark government revenues closed down 356372 as of December 31, 2023 from 346079 from the previous month and 330526 from last year.

Denmark government revenues Analytics & Data

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Denmark government revenues

2023-12-31 356372
2023-09-30 346079
2023-06-30 351386
2023-03-31 341828
2022-12-31 350586
2022-09-30 336665
2022-06-30 342444
2022-03-31 320380
2021-12-31 342416
2021-09-30 323582
2021-06-30 338748
2021-03-31 325569
2020-12-31 330526
2020-09-30 304503
2020-06-30 293721
2020-03-31 293612
2019-12-31 311106
2019-09-30 302806
2019-06-30 315061
2019-03-31 309273

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Denmark government revenues Statistics

government revenuesdk.govrev35637234607938UPUP562023-12-31

Denmark government revenues Factors

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What is the Denmark government revenues

Welcome to our webpage, where you can access current and historical data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts for Denmark government revenues. By exploring this data, you can gain insights into the financial performance and stability of the Danish government.

Denmark government revenues refer to the total income generated by the Danish government through various sources such as taxation, tariffs, fees, and other receipts. These revenues play a crucial role in funding public services, infrastructure development, and social welfare programs.

Understanding and interpreting Denmark government revenues allow you to analyze the financial health and effectiveness of government policies. By tracking revenue trends over time, you can identify patterns and gain a better understanding of the economic environment and the impact of fiscal and tax policies on the government's income.

Our webpage provides you with access to current and historical data on Denmark government revenues, giving you the ability to observe revenue trends and changes across different time periods. The data is presented through intuitive charts and analytics, helping you visualize the information and identify significant patterns.

Furthermore, our webpage offers macroeconomic indicators and signals, allowing you to delve deeper into the analysis. These signals provide valuable insights into the potential impact of government revenues on the broader economy and can assist in making informed decisions.

For users seeking more advanced analysis, our webpage offers the option to export historical data for further exploration and examination. Users can download the data for free and utilize their own tools or software to conduct in-depth analysis or integrate it into their own models.

Our partnership with MacroVar brings an additional layer of expertise by offering signals, trends, and analysis based on their advanced algorithms and models. These insights can further enhance your understanding of the Danish government revenues and their implications.

Whether you are an economist, researcher, policymaker, or simply someone interested in analyzing the financial aspects of the Danish government, our webpage equipped with data, analytics, and tools will provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to explore and interpret Denmark government revenues. Start your journey today and unlock valuable insights into the financial stability and performance of the Danish government.

Denmark Financial Markets

OMX Copenhagen 20OMXC2218.410.511.4837853.2568-0.003260.013340.01370.22403
Denmark ETFEDEN97.62-0.5-1-1.7526843.75260.000290.02084-0.000310.18372
Danish Krone US Dollar (DKK/USD)DKKUSD 7.027-0.511.1883947.8068-0.00491-0.00559-0.00581-0.02229
Denmark 10-Year Bond YieldDK.10Y3.002-0.50.751.0911642.2427-0.01218-0.04028-0.055080.24409
Denmark 2-year bond yieldDK.2Y3.386-10.750.8283842.74890.00385-0.01081-0.009360.50959
Denmark Yield CurveDK.YC-0.302-0.511.6166555.05770.04498-0.111760.274260.13534
Denmark Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradedk.balanceoftrade23075.519789.417-11UPDown272024-04-30
banks balance sheetdk.banks.bs46935404740710-1-4DownDown212024-04-30
business confidencedk.bizconfidence2-4-150-133UPUP02024-05-31
capacity utilizationdk.caputilization80.782-26DownUP922023-06-30
capital flowsdk.capitalflows-261.380.7-424-421DownDown32024-04-30
car registrationsdk.carregistrations1466015371-54UPUP632024-05-31
central bank balance sheetdk.cb.assets678.3677.305UPUP472024-04-30
consumer confidencedk.consconfidence-8.6-7.613-53UPUP702024-04-30
consumer price index cpidk.cpi118.5118.401UPUP382024-02-29
core inflation ratedk.coreinflationrate1.51.7-12-77DownDown22024-03-31
current accountdk.currentaccount291002570013372977UPUP02024-02-29
current account to gdpdk.currentaccountgdp10.913.4-1965UPUP02023-01-31
external debtdk.externaldebt2630225900273UPUP772024-03-31
fiscal expendituredk.fiscalexp34971732039594UPUP362023-12-31
foreign direct investmentdk.fdi5.531.4-82-151DownUP202024-09-30
foreign exchange reservesdk.fxreserves63740063730006UPUP512024-05-31
Real GDPdk.realgdp58986057493538UPUP822024-09-30
gdp growthdk.gdpgrowth-1.82.7-167350DownDown02024-03-31
gdp growth annualdk.gdpgrowthan0.23.5-94-300DownUP122024-03-31
gold reservesdk.goldres66.5566.550-0DownDown512024-03-31
government budgetdk.govbudget3.13.3-6-248UPUP02023-01-31
Government budgetdk.govbudgetvalue665525684-74-202DownUP272023-12-31
government debtdk.govdebt629.58633.43-1-2DownDown572024-03-31
government debt to gdpdk.govdebtgdp29.329.8-2-36DownDown02023-01-31
government revenuesdk.govrev35637234607938UPUP562023-12-31
housing indexdk.housingindex131.97135.07-22DownUP372023-12-31
industrial productiondk.indproduction24.5-3.2-866192UPUP02024-04-30
industrial production momdk.indproductionmm11.2-4-3805500UPUP02024-04-30
inflation cpidk.inflationcpi2.20.8175-24UPDown02024-05-31
interbank ratedk.interbankrate3.83.7901UPUP132023-08-15
interest ratedk.interestrate3.353.18-3450UPUP22023-07-28
loans to private sectordk.loanprivate450.47445.311-1UPDown282024-02-29
long term unemployment ratedk.ltunemploymentrate0.60.520-40DownDown182023-12-31
Manufacturing PMIdk.manpmi45.747.6-4-25DownDown162023-05-31
money supply m0dk.msm058118.758881.6-1-14DownDown22024-03-31
money supply m1dk.msm114787301513310-2-5DownDown22024-03-31
money supply m2dk.msm217133501746750-20DownUP22024-03-31
money supply m3dk.msm319058301916710-12UPUP292024-03-31
Producer Price Indexdk.producerprices147.7146.61-1DownDown422024-04-30
PPI Indexdk.producerpricesch0.81.5-47-67UPDown622024-04-30
retail sales MoMdk.retailsales-0.6-0.1500-130DownDown02024-04-30
retail salesdk.retailsalesan0.23.2-94-103DownUP02024-04-30
unemployment ratedk.unemploymentrate2.52.504UPUP722024-01-31
youth unemployment ratedk.ytunemploymentrate12.114.5-1711DownUP592024-04-30
Housing Startsdk.housingstarts339830661130UPUP702022-09-30
Construction Confidencedk.esi.constr-9.2-12.1-2400-4900UPUP38002024-01-22
Consumer Confidencedk.esi.cons-5.2-6.6-2100-7100UPUP46002024-01-22
Retail Confidencedk.esi.ret-6.6-10.2-3500-8300UPUP52002024-01-22
Services Confidencedk.esi.serv-0.80.8-20000-21400DownDown25002024-01-22
ESI - Economic Compositedk.esi.conf9693.8210UPUP852023-06-30