Eurozone Real GDP

Eurozone Real GDP: 2961194 (0.31%)
Last Update: June 30, 2024

Eurozone Real GDP closed down 2961194 as of June 30, 2024 from 2951953.1 from the previous month and 2784.73 from last year.

Eurozone Real GDP Analytics & Data

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Eurozone Real GDP

2024-06-30 2961194
2024-03-31 2951953.1
2023-12-31 2950.09
2023-09-30 2951.66
2023-06-30 2953.38
2023-03-31 2949.35
2022-12-31 2930.99
2022-09-30 2921.53
2022-06-30 2908.37
2022-03-31 2883.28
2021-12-31 2863.76
2021-09-30 2846.9
2021-06-30 2784.73
2021-03-31 2724.65
2020-12-31 2725.74
2020-09-30 2735.99
2020-06-30 2416.14
2020-03-31 2738.44
2019-12-31 2844.28
2019-09-30 2842.78
2019-06-30 2833.81
2019-03-31 2830.36
2018-12-31 2815.84
2018-09-30 2803.14

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Eurozone Real GDP Statistics

Real GDPea.realgdp2961194.029519500106237UPUP982024-06-30

Eurozone Real GDP Factors

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Eurozone Real GDP Historical Data

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What is the Eurozone Real GDP

The Eurozone Real GDP refers to the total economic output of the countries that make up the Eurozone, which is a monetary union consisting of 19 of the 27 European Union countries that have adopted the euro as their official currency. Real GDP takes into account inflation and provides a more accurate measure of economic growth over time. By analyzing the Real GDP of the Eurozone, policymakers, economists, and investors can assess the overall health and performance of the region's economy. A growing Real GDP indicates a stronger economy, while a shrinking Real GDP may signal economic trouble. Monitoring the Eurozone Real GDP helps to track economic trends, inform decision-making, and guide policy interventions to promote sustainable economic growth.