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Malaysia foreign direct investment: 5454.21 (-68.93%)
Last Update: March 31, 2024

Malaysia foreign direct investment closed down 5454.21 as of March 31, 2024 from 17553.02 from the previous month and 9137 from last year.

Malaysia foreign direct investment Analytics & Data

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Malaysia foreign direct investment

2024-03-31 5454.21
2023-12-31 17553.02
2023-09-30 9206.86
2023-06-30 2488.05
2023-03-31 12043.94
2022-12-31 19192.23
2022-09-30 9618.68
2022-06-30 17305.14
2022-03-31 24375
2021-12-31 24690.41
2021-09-30 9491
2021-06-30 11708
2021-03-31 9137
2020-12-31 6781
2020-09-30 -347
2020-06-30 2231
2020-03-31 6370.73
2019-12-31 5438.7
2019-09-30 2984.62
2019-06-30 3879.58

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Malaysia foreign direct investment Statistics

foreign direct investmentmy.fdi5454.2117553-69-36DownDown02024-03-31

Malaysia foreign direct investment Factors

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What is the Malaysia foreign direct investment

Foreign direct investment (FDI) refers to the long-term investment made by foreign enterprises in a country with the objective of establishing a lasting interest and exerting significant influence over the business operations. Understanding FDI trends and patterns is crucial for policymakers, investors, and businesses to make informed decisions and identify potential opportunities in a specific country's economy.

On this webpage, we present an in-depth analysis of Malaysia's foreign direct investment. Our platform provides access to current and historical data, trends and signals, analytics, and charts, enabling users to interpret and understand Malaysia's FDI landscape effectively.

Interpreting Malaysia's Foreign Direct Investment: 1. Current Data: We showcase the latest FDI figures, highlighting the total amount of investment inflows, sectors attracting the most significant FDI, and the countries contributing the most capital. This offers a real-time snapshot of Malaysia's FDI status.

2. Historical Data: Our platform offers historical FDI data, allowing users to track investment trends over several years. By analyzing the historical patterns, users can identify periods of high or low FDI inflows, understand the impact of economic events, and gain insights into the FDI trajectory.

3. Trends and Signals: We analyze the FDI trends in Malaysia, identifying changes in investment patterns, preferred sectors, and countries of origin. Our platform uses advanced algorithms to detect signals that provide predictive insights into future FDI behavior, helping users anticipate investment trends and plan accordingly.

4. Analytics and Charts: We present FDI data through interactive charts and visualizations, making the analysis comprehensive and easy to understand. Users can customize charts to focus on specific variables and generate insights at a glance.

Exporting Historical Data for Further Analysis: Our platform offers the flexibility of exporting historical FDI data for free to encourage deeper analysis. Users can download the data in various formats, such as Excel or CSV, enabling further research, modeling, and integration into existing frameworks.

Utilizing MacroVar Signals, Trends, and Analysis: Alongside FDI data, our platform incorporates MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. MacroVar signals are derived from a wide range of economic indicators, providing a comprehensive view of the Malaysian economy. These signals enable users to evaluate the overall economic environment and its impact on FDI flows, enhancing decision-making capabilities.

Whether you are a policymaker, investor, or researcher, our platform empowers you to explore and dissect Malaysia's foreign direct investment landscape. By utilizing current and historical data, trends and signals, and analytical tools, you can make informed decisions, identify emerging opportunities, and stay ahead in the dynamic world of foreign direct investment.

Malaysia Financial Markets

FTSE Malaysia KLCIKLSE1439.77-
Malaysia ETFEWM20.610-0.75-0.8591647.5141-0.000970.004390.01178-0.01717
Malaysian Ringgit US Dollar (MYR/USD)MYRUSD 4.7515011.4831853.9126-0.00419-0.007270.005080.04085
Malaysia 1-year bond yieldMY.1Y3.27012.1474765.24003.819
Malaysia 5-year bond yieldMY.5Y3.6610.50.750.3547951.11010.006050.000550.00219-0.1488
Malaysia Yield CurveMY.YC0.820.512.0569958.9297-0.07345-0.040940.131030.025
Malaysia Credit Default SwapsCDS.Malaysia41.5-1-1-1.3831939.5274000-0.48765
Malaysia Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of trademy.balanceoftrade10136.0774231-35DownDown202024-05-31
bank lending ratemy.banks.lendingrate5.445.3947143UPUP902023-06-30
banks balance sheetmy.banks.bs35683303582950-05UPUP232024-04-30
business confidencemy.bizconfidence94.3896-16UPDown122024-03-31
capital flowsmy.capitalflows-18735-20260-8-219DownDown182024-03-31
car registrationsmy.carregistrations129678130831-116UPUP772024-01-31
cash reserve ratiomy.cashreserveratio2200DownDown682021-05-31
central bank balance sheetmy.cb.assets629493642916-22UPUP182024-04-30
consumer confidencemy.consconfidence87.189.4-335DownUP882024-03-31
consumer price index cpimy.cpi132.4132.202UPUP532024-04-30
core inflation ratemy.coreinflationrate1.91.712-47DownDown202024-04-30
current accountmy.currentaccount16195913167436UPUP722024-03-31
current account to gdpmy.currentaccountgdp2.73.1-13-77DownDown02023-01-31
deposit interest ratemy.depositrate1.951.5625-22DownDown02022-12-31
external debtmy.externaldebt12425401252010-130UPUP472023-12-31
fiscal expendituremy.fiscalexp97735.469720.34057UPUP982024-03-31
foreign direct investmentmy.fdi5454.2117553-69-36DownDown02024-03-31
foreign exchange reservesmy.fxreserves113800114480-1-1UPDown222024-04-30
Real GDPmy.realgdp397394410313-318UPUP552024-06-30
gdp growthmy.gdpgrowth1.4-1-240-42UPDown352024-03-31
gdp growth annualmy.gdpgrowthan4.22.945-74DownDown252024-06-30
gold reservesmy.goldres38.8838.8803UPUP802021-06-30
government budgetmy.govbudget-5-5.6-114DownDown02023-01-31
Government budgetmy.govbudgetvalue-9073.48135.2-212-28DownUP622024-03-31
government debt to gdpmy.govdebtgdp61.163.4-413UPUP02023-12-31
government revenuesmy.govrev8866277855.51479UPUP1002024-03-31
housing indexmy.housingindex214219.4-226650UPUP972023-12-31
industrial productionmy.indproduction6.12.4154-297UPUP172024-04-30
industrial production mommy.indproductionmm-7.67.5-201-204DownDown02024-04-30
inflation cpimy.inflationcpi1.81.80-45DownDown622024-04-30
interbank ratemy.interbankrate3.513.5102DownUP912023-08-15
interest ratemy.interestrate33033UPUP832023-07-06
loans to private sectormy.loanprivate23484102350110-05UPUP652024-04-30
Manufacturing PMImy.manpmi50.24925UPUP802024-05-31
money supply m0my.msm015370715370703UPUP212024-04-30
money supply m1my.msm1638476645344-17UPUP472024-04-30
money supply m2my.msm224140402423480-06UPUP692024-04-30
money supply m3my.msm324260602434370-06UPUP802024-05-31
Producer Price Indexmy.producerprices121.2120.602UPUP572024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYmy.producerpricesch1.91.619-163UPUP302024-04-30
retail sales MoMmy.retailsales-0.62.1-129-119DownDown252024-04-30
retail sales yoymy.retailsalesan5.57.1-2310UPUP852024-05-31
unemployment ratemy.unemploymentrate3.33.30-6DownDown522024-04-30