Malaysia money supply m2

Malaysia money supply m2: 2414039.3 (-0.39%)
Last Update: April 30, 2024

Malaysia money supply m2 closed down 2414039.3 as of April 30, 2024 from 2423483.68 from the previous month and 2278789.26 from last year.

Malaysia money supply m2 Analytics & Data

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Malaysia money supply m2

2024-04-30 2414039.3
2024-03-31 2423483.68
2024-02-29 2410933.95
2024-01-31 2400247.29
2023-12-31 2390987.02
2023-11-30 2351567.59
2023-10-31 2330019.06
2023-09-30 2310706.34
2023-08-31 2296445.88
2023-07-31 2291247.87
2023-06-30 2297528.09
2023-05-31 2288145.09
2023-04-30 2278789.26
2023-03-31 2283769.12
2023-02-28 2282777.62
2023-01-31 2266599.77
2022-12-31 2258295
2022-11-30 2249186.25
2022-10-31 2248503.46
2022-09-30 2247122.04

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Malaysia money supply m2 Statistics

money supply m2my.msm224140402423480-06UPUP692024-04-30

Malaysia money supply m2 Factors

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What is the Malaysia money supply m2

Introduction: Welcome to our webpage dedicated to showcasing the current and historical data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts for Malaysia's money supply M2. Here, you can gain valuable insights into the economy by understanding the dynamics of money supply and its impact on various sectors. We aim to help users interpret Malaysia's money supply M2 effectively and make informed decisions.

Understanding Malaysia Money Supply M2: Money supply M2 represents the broadest measure of money available in an economy, including cash, demand deposits, and short-term time deposits. The M2 indicator is derived from M1 (the most liquid type of money) and includes slightly less liquid assets. It serves as a key measure of the overall monetary health and provides insights into economic activity and inflationary pressure.

Interpreting Malaysia Money Supply M2: 1. Economic Activity Indicator: Money supply M2 can indicate the overall level of economic activity. An increase in M2 may suggest that people and businesses are spending and investing more, indicating a potential economic expansion. Conversely, a decrease in M2 can imply a slowdown in economic growth.

2. Inflationary Pressure: Changes in the money supply M2 affect inflationary pressures. If M2 grows at a faster rate than real economic output, it may lead to excess money chasing a limited quantity of goods, causing inflationary pressures. Monitoring M2 growth can help in assessing potential inflation risks.

3. Monetary Policy Implications: Central banks often monitor money supply M2 to manage monetary policy effectively. By analyzing changes in M2, policymakers can gauge the need for tightening or easing monetary measures to control inflation or stimulate economic growth.

Current and Historical Data: Our webpage provides up-to-date and historical data on Malaysia's money supply M2. Users can access current figures as well as analyze trends over time. Our charts and analytics tools enable the visualization of data, making it easier to identify patterns and make informed decisions.

Trends and Signals: We offer comprehensive analysis of money supply M2 trends and generate powerful signals to guide your decision-making process. Our proprietary algorithm, MacroVar, leverages cutting-edge technology to provide accurate predictions and insights into potential shifts in money supply and the economy as a whole.

Export Historical Data: For users looking to delve deeper into their analysis, our platform allows you to conveniently export historical data for free. This feature facilitates further analysis using your own tools and methodologies, ensuring greater flexibility in exploring money supply trends.

Make Informed Decisions: By combining our rich collection of current and historical data, insightful trends, and powerful signals, you can make sound decisions related to investments, inflation hedging, or adaptation to monetary policy changes. Stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive edge in the market with our comprehensive analysis of Malaysia's money supply M2.

Conclusion: Our webpage offers users a valuable resource for understanding and interpreting Malaysia's money supply M2. By providing current and historical data, trends, charts, and powerful signals, we empower individuals and businesses to make informed decisions. Users can also export historical data for further analysis, harnessing the capabilities of MacroVar to navigate the complex world of money supply dynamics.

Malaysia Financial Markets

FTSE Malaysia KLCIKLSE1439.77-
Malaysia ETFEWM20.610-0.75-0.8591647.5141-0.000970.004390.01178-0.01717
Malaysian Ringgit US Dollar (MYR/USD)MYRUSD 4.7515011.4831853.9126-0.00419-0.007270.005080.04085
Malaysia 1-year bond yieldMY.1Y3.27012.1474765.24003.819
Malaysia 5-year bond yieldMY.5Y3.6610.50.750.3547951.11010.006050.000550.00219-0.1488
Malaysia Yield CurveMY.YC0.820.512.0569958.9297-0.07345-0.040940.131030.025
Malaysia Credit Default SwapsCDS.Malaysia41.5-1-1-1.3831939.5274000-0.48765
Malaysia Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of trademy.balanceoftrade10136.0774231-35DownDown202024-05-31
bank lending ratemy.banks.lendingrate5.445.3947143UPUP902023-06-30
banks balance sheetmy.banks.bs35683303582950-05UPUP232024-04-30
business confidencemy.bizconfidence94.3896-16UPDown122024-03-31
capital flowsmy.capitalflows-18735-20260-8-219DownDown182024-03-31
car registrationsmy.carregistrations129678130831-116UPUP772024-01-31
cash reserve ratiomy.cashreserveratio2200DownDown682021-05-31
central bank balance sheetmy.cb.assets629493642916-22UPUP182024-04-30
consumer confidencemy.consconfidence87.189.4-335DownUP882024-03-31
consumer price index cpimy.cpi132.4132.202UPUP532024-04-30
core inflation ratemy.coreinflationrate1.91.712-47DownDown202024-04-30
current accountmy.currentaccount16195913167436UPUP722024-03-31
current account to gdpmy.currentaccountgdp2.73.1-13-77DownDown02023-01-31
deposit interest ratemy.depositrate1.951.5625-22DownDown02022-12-31
external debtmy.externaldebt12425401252010-130UPUP472023-12-31
fiscal expendituremy.fiscalexp97735.469720.34057UPUP982024-03-31
foreign direct investmentmy.fdi5454.2117553-69-36DownDown02024-03-31
foreign exchange reservesmy.fxreserves113800114480-1-1UPDown222024-04-30
Real GDPmy.realgdp397394410313-318UPUP552024-06-30
gdp growthmy.gdpgrowth1.4-1-240-42UPDown352024-03-31
gdp growth annualmy.gdpgrowthan4.22.945-74DownDown252024-06-30
gold reservesmy.goldres38.8838.8803UPUP802021-06-30
government budgetmy.govbudget-5-5.6-114DownDown02023-01-31
Government budgetmy.govbudgetvalue-9073.48135.2-212-28DownUP622024-03-31
government debt to gdpmy.govdebtgdp61.163.4-413UPUP02023-12-31
government revenuesmy.govrev8866277855.51479UPUP1002024-03-31
housing indexmy.housingindex214219.4-226650UPUP972023-12-31
industrial productionmy.indproduction6.12.4154-297UPUP172024-04-30
industrial production mommy.indproductionmm-7.67.5-201-204DownDown02024-04-30
inflation cpimy.inflationcpi1.81.80-45DownDown622024-04-30
interbank ratemy.interbankrate3.513.5102DownUP912023-08-15
interest ratemy.interestrate33033UPUP832023-07-06
loans to private sectormy.loanprivate23484102350110-05UPUP652024-04-30
Manufacturing PMImy.manpmi50.24925UPUP802024-05-31
money supply m0my.msm015370715370703UPUP212024-04-30
money supply m1my.msm1638476645344-17UPUP472024-04-30
money supply m2my.msm224140402423480-06UPUP692024-04-30
money supply m3my.msm324260602434370-06UPUP802024-05-31
Producer Price Indexmy.producerprices121.2120.602UPUP572024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYmy.producerpricesch1.91.619-163UPUP302024-04-30
retail sales MoMmy.retailsales-0.62.1-129-119DownDown252024-04-30
retail sales yoymy.retailsalesan5.57.1-2310UPUP852024-05-31
unemployment ratemy.unemploymentrate3.33.30-6DownDown522024-04-30