Philippines capital flows

Philippines capital flows: 5.65 (6.2%)
Last Update: April 30, 2024

Philippines capital flows closed down 5.65 as of April 30, 2024 from 5.32 from the previous month and 5.64 from last year.

Philippines capital flows Analytics & Data

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Philippines capital flows

2024-04-30 5.65
2024-03-31 5.32
2024-02-29 5.32
2024-01-31 5.41
2023-12-31 6.25
2023-11-30 9.2
2023-10-31 5.28
2023-09-30 6.33
2023-08-31 5.14
2023-07-31 4.9
2023-06-30 7.32
2023-05-31 5.32
2023-04-30 5.64
2023-03-31 6.32
2023-02-28 5.48
2023-01-31 5.89
2022-12-31 6.88
2022-11-30 -22.9
2022-10-31 7.02
2022-09-30 5.99

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Philippines capital flows Statistics

capital flowsph.capitalflows5.655.3260DownUP622024-04-30

Philippines capital flows Factors

Philippines News Stream


What is the Philippines capital flows

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to Philippines capital flows. Here, we provide current and historical data, trends and signals, analytics, and charts to help you gain insights into the capital inflows and outflows in the Philippines.

What are Philippines capital flows?

Capital flows refer to the movement of money or investments into and out of a country. In the context of the Philippines, capital flows encompass both foreign direct investment (FDI) and portfolio investment. FDI involves long-term investments in businesses or assets in the country, while portfolio investment includes the buying and selling of securities such as stocks and bonds.

Interpreting Philippines capital flows:

Analyzing capital flows is crucial for understanding the economic and financial health of a country. It provides insights into investor confidence, economic stability, and potential risks. A positive net capital inflow indicates that more money is flowing into the country, suggesting investors have confidence in its growth prospects. Conversely, a negative net capital inflow may indicate a lack of investor confidence or potential risks.

Using the data and analytics:

Our webpage provides a wide range of information to help you interpret and analyze Philippines capital flows. You can access current and historical data, allowing you to track the trends and patterns in capital flows over time. Our charts and analytics provide visual representations of the data, making it easier to identify significant changes or anomalies.

Additionally, we offer MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. These are advanced tools that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to identify potential signals or trends in the data that may not be readily apparent. They can help you uncover hidden insights and make more informed decisions.

Exporting historical data:

We understand the importance of conducting further analysis on historical data. That's why we offer the option to export historical data for free. By providing this flexibility, we empower you to explore the data in greater detail and perform your custom analysis as per your specific requirements.

In conclusion, our webpage on Philippines capital flows provides an array of resources to help you understand and analyze the movement of capital in and out of the Philippines. By utilizing these tools, you can gain valuable insights, track trends, and make informed decisions. Don't forget to explore our free historical data export feature and utilize our advanced MacroVar signals for a deeper analysis of capital flows.

Philippines Financial Markets

PSI CompositePSI6045.13-0.5-1-1.8965940.24520.011940.0009-0.04137-0.01248
Philippines ETFEPHE23.56-1-1-1.8619538.35860.00813-0.01299-0.05609-0.01628
Philippine peso US Dollar (PHP/USD)PHPUSD 56.81011.2862350.68530-0.003510.00212-0.00751
Philippines 5-Year Bond YieldPH.5Y5.959-1-0.75-0.8099742.37950-0.00634-0.02311-0.10391
Philippines 2-year bond yieldPH.2Y6.3870.511.4179759.2701.881.7423.3
Philippines Yield CurvePH.YC0.579112.7753757.0225-0.270780.688051.92424-3.83824
Philippines Credit Default SwapsCDS.Philippines62.5-1-1-1.7500332.284400-0.08759-0.37811
Philippines Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeph.balanceoftrade-4760940-344212038-2DownUP582024-04-30
bank lending rateph.banks.lendingrate6.5426.767-3-7DownDown22019-12-31
banks balance sheetph.banks.bs1102.91073.13-3DownDown462024-04-30
building permitsph.buildingpermits13320131002-60DownDown22024-03-31
business confidenceph.bizconfidence33.135.9-890UPUP932024-03-31
capacity utilizationph.caputilization75.275.3-04UPUP732024-04-30
capital flowsph.capitalflows5.655.3260DownUP622024-04-30
cash reserve ratioph.cashreserveratio9.512-21-21DownDown202021-10-31
central bank balance sheetph.cb.assets7563.667489.4414UPUP432023-12-31
consumer confidenceph.consconfidence-10.9-19-43-69UPUP02024-03-31
consumer price index cpiph.cpi125.6125.504UPUP652024-05-31
core inflation rateph.coreinflationrate3.13.2-3-60DownDown22024-05-31
current accountph.currentaccount-368.38-5.66478-82UPUP472024-01-31
current account to gdpph.currentaccountgdp-1.3-4.4-70-142DownDown02023-01-31
deposit interest rateph.depositrate5.755.750109UPUP822023-07-31
external debtph.externaldebt1253941112681366UPUP02023-01-31
fiscal expenditureph.fiscalexp494468483841232UPUP922024-04-30
foreign direct investmentph.fdi6861366-5023DownUP622024-03-31
foreign exchange reservesph.fxreserves10448010340014UPUP442024-05-31
Real GDPph.realgdp51896605884510-1222UPUP732024-03-31
gdp growthph.gdpgrowth1.31.8-28-7DownDown502024-03-31
gdp growth annualph.gdpgrowthan5.75.54-246DownUP72024-03-31
gold reservesph.goldres164.77162.312-12UPDown202023-12-31
government budgetph.govbudget-6.2-7.3-15210DownDown02023-12-31
Government budgetph.govbudgetvalue42728-195918-122-135UPUP122024-05-31
government debt to gdpph.govdebtgdp60.160.9-118UPUP02023-12-31
government revenuesph.govrev5371962879238722UPUP822024-04-30
housing indexph.housingindex11313.211749.5-48UPUP402023-12-31
industrial productionph.indproduction5.9-6.8-187-40UPDown682024-04-30
inflation cpiph.inflationcpi3.93.83-36DownDown242024-05-31
interest rateph.interestrate6.256.25092UPUP832023-07-31
lending rateph.lendingrate6.756.750108UPUP892023-07-31
loans to private sectorph.loanprivate102121001012910019UPUP612024-03-31
Manufacturing PMIph.manpmi51.952.2-1-1UPDown422024-05-31
money supply m0ph.msm02036070202742004UPUP82024-04-30
money supply m1ph.msm167794706809370-05UPUP242024-03-31
money supply m2ph.msm2168050001675000007UPUP282024-03-31
money supply m3ph.msm3172092001719040006UPUP182024-03-31
Producer Price Indexph.producerprices97.897.40-1DownDown392024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYph.producerpricesch-0.8-1.1-27-131DownDown382024-04-30
retail sales MoMph.retailsales0.40.40-233UPUP142020-07-31
retail sales yoyph.retailsalesan21.81143UPUP712021-08-31
total vehicle salesph.vehiclesales10127963851UPUP452024-03-31
unemployment rateph.unemploymentrate43.93-7DownDown742024-05-31
Interbank Rateph.interbankrate6.31256.312500UPDown582023-08-11