Philippines imports

Philippines imports: 10976862.95 (14.67%)
Last Update: April 30, 2024

Philippines imports closed down 10976862.95 as of April 30, 2024 from 9572795.27 from the previous month and 9746347.01 from last year.

Philippines imports Analytics & Data

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Philippines imports

2024-04-30 10976862.95
2024-03-31 9572795.27
2024-02-29 9569393.47
2024-01-31 10339820.64
2023-12-31 9962501.89
2023-11-30 10820269.54
2023-10-31 10539066.87
2023-09-30 10314600.24
2023-08-31 10833230.6
2023-07-31 10363540.35
2023-06-30 10645308.9
2023-05-31 10918964.3
2023-04-30 9746347.01
2023-03-31 11631579.37
2023-02-28 8954721.84
2023-01-31 10987384.09
2022-12-31 10320213.27
2022-11-30 10817610.61
2022-10-31 11024213.33
2022-09-30 12011386.88

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What is the Philippines imports

Introduction: Welcome to our webpage dedicated to providing comprehensive insights into the imports of the Philippines. Here, you will find a wealth of valuable information, including current and historical data, trends, analytics, charts, and MacroVar signals. Whether you are an analyst, researcher, or business professional, our platform offers the tools you need to interpret and analyze Philippines imports data effectively.

Understanding Philippines Imports: Philippines imports refer to the goods and services purchased by the country from international sources. These imports play a crucial role in shaping the nation's economy, as they impact various sectors, including manufacturing, consumption, and trade. Analyzing import data allows us to gain insights into the economic health, industry performance, and market trends of the Philippines.

Current and Historical Data: Our platform provides up-to-date and reliable data on Philippines imports, allowing users to track current import trends. From raw materials to finished products, you can explore the specific goods and services imported, the countries they originate from, and the quantity and value of each import. Furthermore, our historical data allows you to assess growth rates, cyclical patterns, and long-term trends, empowering you to make informed business decisions.

Trends and Signals: Identifying and understanding import trends is vital for businesses seeking opportunities or assessing risks. Our platform offers intuitive charts and analytics that illustrate the emerging trends in the Philippines' import market. You can explore the growth of key import sectors, changes in import origins, and the impact of global events on the import landscape. Our MacroVar signals provide further insight by uncovering macroeconomic and geopolitical variables that may influence import patterns.

Interpreting Data and Analysis: At our platform, we strive to make interpreting Philippines imports data as convenient as possible. We utilize user-friendly charts, visualizations, and customizable analytics to simplify the extraction of valuable information. By comparing data over different time periods, highlighting outliers, and providing contextual analysis, we enable users to uncover meaningful insights from the vast import dataset.

Exporting Historical Data for Further Analysis: For in-depth analysis or integration with internal systems, our platform allows users to export historical data in various formats, enabling seamless integration with statistical software or spreadsheet programs. This functionality empowers researchers and analysts to conduct detailed studies and develop custom models to gain a deeper understanding of import dynamics.

Leveraging MacroVar Signals, Trends, and Analysis: In addition to the comprehensive import data and analysis, our platform utilizes MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis to provide you with a holistic view of the factors impacting Philippines imports. By combining import analytics with these specially curated macroeconomic insights, you can make more accurate forecasts, anticipate market shifts, and stay ahead of the competition.

Conclusion: Accessible, accurate, and insightful, our webpage provides an invaluable resource for those looking to explore and analyze the world of Philippines imports. By harnessing real-time and historical data, uncovering trends, and utilizing MacroVar signals, you can keep abreast of the ever-changing import landscape and make well-informed decisions in an increasingly globalized economy. Start exploring the dynamic world of Philippines imports today and unlock the potential for growth and opportunity.

Philippines Financial Markets

PSI CompositePSI6045.13-0.5-1-1.8965940.24520.011940.0009-0.04137-0.01248
Philippines ETFEPHE23.56-1-1-1.8619538.35860.00813-0.01299-0.05609-0.01628
Philippine peso US Dollar (PHP/USD)PHPUSD 56.81011.2862350.68530-0.003510.00212-0.00751
Philippines 5-Year Bond YieldPH.5Y5.959-1-0.75-0.8099742.37950-0.00634-0.02311-0.10391
Philippines 2-year bond yieldPH.2Y6.3870.511.4179759.2701.881.7423.3
Philippines Yield CurvePH.YC0.579112.7753757.0225-0.270780.688051.92424-3.83824
Philippines Credit Default SwapsCDS.Philippines62.5-1-1-1.7500332.284400-0.08759-0.37811
Philippines Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeph.balanceoftrade-4760940-344212038-2DownUP582024-04-30
bank lending rateph.banks.lendingrate6.5426.767-3-7DownDown22019-12-31
banks balance sheetph.banks.bs1102.91073.13-3DownDown462024-04-30
building permitsph.buildingpermits13320131002-60DownDown22024-03-31
business confidenceph.bizconfidence33.135.9-890UPUP932024-03-31
capacity utilizationph.caputilization75.275.3-04UPUP732024-04-30
capital flowsph.capitalflows5.655.3260DownUP622024-04-30
cash reserve ratioph.cashreserveratio9.512-21-21DownDown202021-10-31
central bank balance sheetph.cb.assets7563.667489.4414UPUP432023-12-31
consumer confidenceph.consconfidence-10.9-19-43-69UPUP02024-03-31
consumer price index cpiph.cpi125.6125.504UPUP652024-05-31
core inflation rateph.coreinflationrate3.13.2-3-60DownDown22024-05-31
current accountph.currentaccount-368.38-5.66478-82UPUP472024-01-31
current account to gdpph.currentaccountgdp-1.3-4.4-70-142DownDown02023-01-31
deposit interest rateph.depositrate5.755.750109UPUP822023-07-31
external debtph.externaldebt1253941112681366UPUP02023-01-31
fiscal expenditureph.fiscalexp494468483841232UPUP922024-04-30
foreign direct investmentph.fdi6861366-5023DownUP622024-03-31
foreign exchange reservesph.fxreserves10448010340014UPUP442024-05-31
Real GDPph.realgdp51896605884510-1222UPUP732024-03-31
gdp growthph.gdpgrowth1.31.8-28-7DownDown502024-03-31
gdp growth annualph.gdpgrowthan5.75.54-246DownUP72024-03-31
gold reservesph.goldres164.77162.312-12UPDown202023-12-31
government budgetph.govbudget-6.2-7.3-15210DownDown02023-12-31
Government budgetph.govbudgetvalue42728-195918-122-135UPUP122024-05-31
government debt to gdpph.govdebtgdp60.160.9-118UPUP02023-12-31
government revenuesph.govrev5371962879238722UPUP822024-04-30
housing indexph.housingindex11313.211749.5-48UPUP402023-12-31
industrial productionph.indproduction5.9-6.8-187-40UPDown682024-04-30
inflation cpiph.inflationcpi3.93.83-36DownDown242024-05-31
interest rateph.interestrate6.256.25092UPUP832023-07-31
lending rateph.lendingrate6.756.750108UPUP892023-07-31
loans to private sectorph.loanprivate102121001012910019UPUP612024-03-31
Manufacturing PMIph.manpmi51.952.2-1-1UPDown422024-05-31
money supply m0ph.msm02036070202742004UPUP82024-04-30
money supply m1ph.msm167794706809370-05UPUP242024-03-31
money supply m2ph.msm2168050001675000007UPUP282024-03-31
money supply m3ph.msm3172092001719040006UPUP182024-03-31
Producer Price Indexph.producerprices97.897.40-1DownDown392024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYph.producerpricesch-0.8-1.1-27-131DownDown382024-04-30
retail sales MoMph.retailsales0.40.40-233UPUP142020-07-31
retail sales yoyph.retailsalesan21.81143UPUP712021-08-31
total vehicle salesph.vehiclesales10127963851UPUP452024-03-31
unemployment rateph.unemploymentrate43.93-7DownDown742024-05-31
Interbank Rateph.interbankrate6.31256.312500UPDown582023-08-11