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South Korea current account to gdp: 1.3 (-27.78%)
Last Update: December 31, 2023

South Korea current account to gdp closed down 1.3 as of December 31, 2023 from 1.8 from the previous month and 1.6 from last year.

South Korea current account to gdp Analytics & Data

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South Korea current account to gdp

2023-12-31 1.3
2022-12-31 1.8
2021-12-31 4.7
2020-12-31 4.6
2019-12-31 3.7
2018-12-31 4.7
2017-12-31 4.9
2016-12-31 7
2015-12-31 7.7
2014-12-31 6
2013-12-31 6.2
2012-12-31 4.2
2011-12-31 1.6
2010-12-31 2.6
2009-12-31 3.7
2008-12-31 0.3
2007-12-31 1.1
2006-12-31 0.4
2005-12-31 1.4
2004-12-31 3.9

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South Korea current account to gdp Statistics

current account to gdpkr.currentaccountgdp1.31.8-28-69DownDown02024-01-31

South Korea current account to gdp Factors

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What is the South Korea current account to gdp

South Korea Current Account to GDP: Data, Trends, and Analysis

Introduction: Welcome to our webpage that provides comprehensive information on South Korea's current account to GDP. Here, you can explore current and historical data, insightful trends and signals, as well as analytics and charts to understand the country's economic performance in relation to its international trade and investment activities.

What is South Korea's Current Account to GDP? South Korea's current account to GDP ratio is an important economic indicator that measures the country's trade balance in relation to its overall economic output. It reflects the difference between a nation's income from international trade in goods, services, and investments, and its corresponding expenses. A positive current account to GDP ratio indicates that the country is a net creditor and is exporting more than it is importing, while a negative ratio suggests the country is a net debtor and is importing more than it is exporting.

Interpreting South Korea's Current Account to GDP: The current account to GDP ratio is a crucial metric for understanding a country's external economic performance. A higher ratio generally indicates a stronger position, highlighting that the nation has a surplus in its international transactions. This typically indicates a robust global competitiveness, a higher level of savings, and investments flowing into the country. On the other hand, a lower ratio could indicate a reliance on imports, lower savings, and a potential vulnerability to external shocks.

Data and Trends: Our webpage provides up-to-date data on South Korea's current account to GDP ratio. We include historical data, allowing you to track long-term trends and observe patterns in the country's economic performance. Through interactive charts, you can visualize the fluctuations in the ratio over the years and identify correlations with other economic indicators.

Analytics and Signals: To help you make informed decisions, we analyze the data and provide valuable insights into South Korea's economic situation. Our analytics highlight key trends, potential risks, and opportunities within the country's current account to GDP ratio. We identify factors that could impact the ratio, such as changes in exchange rates, trade policies, or global economic conditions. Utilizing our proprietary MacroVar signals, we flag important events or shifts in the ratio that could influence the country's economic outlook.

Export Historical Data for Further Analysis: Our webpage allows users to freely export the historical data for South Korea's current account to GDP. By downloading the data, you can perform your own analysis, conduct research, or integrate it into your models. This feature empowers researchers, analysts, and economists to dig deeper and gain a more comprehensive understanding of South Korea's economic landscape.

Conclusion: South Korea's current account to GDP ratio is a vital metric for assessing the country's economic standing in the global arena. By offering up-to-date and historical data, along with insightful trends and signals, our webpage enables users to analyze, interpret and anticipate changes in the ratio. The ability to export data empowers further analysis and integration into individual models. Together with our MacroVar signals, our webpage equips you with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of South Korea's economy and make informed decisions.

South Korea Financial Markets

South Korea ETFEWY56.25-1-1-2.0025141.55790.02366-0.00248-0.025970.0857
Korean Won US Dollar (KRW/USD)KRWUSD 1334.34-10.750.7536941.5042-0.01074-0.01421-0.008910.0135
South Korea 5-Year Bond YieldKR.5Y3.719-110.9765542.5779-0.00668-0.03201-0.002950.06531
South Korea 2-year bond yieldKR.2Y3.76111.1138554.38-0.870.830.7-0.4
South Korea Yield CurveKR.YC0.266-0.511.9038949.4473-0.10135-0.32143-0.07958-10.8518
South Korea Credit Default SwapsCDS.South Korea26.75-0.5-0.75-1.4737231.220200.00943-0.10084-0.50463
Export-Import Bank of Korea Credit Default SwapsCDS.Export-Import-Bank-of-Korea39-0.5-0.75-1.1152843.60420.012990.00645-0.025-0.25
South Korea Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradekr.balanceoftrade49601530224-322UPUP122024-05-31
bank lending ratekr.banks.lendingrate5.175.12133UPUP782023-06-30
business confidencekr.bizconfidence747311UPUP612024-05-31
capacity utilizationkr.caputilization102.3102.6-03UPUP932024-04-30
capital flowskr.capitalflows-656311051-15924DownDown752024-04-30
car registrationskr.carregistrations1252449825327-14UPDown142024-03-31
central bank balance sheetkr.cb.assets5482885154556-5UPDown162024-02-29
consumer confidencekr.consconfidence98.4100.7-20DownUP522024-05-31
consumer price index cpikr.cpi114.09113.9903UPUP622024-05-31
core inflation ratekr.coreinflationrate2.242.42-7-31DownDown242023-02-28
current accountkr.currentaccount-285.26931.4-104-79DownUP252024-04-30
current account to gdpkr.currentaccountgdp1.31.8-28-69DownDown02024-01-31
deposit interest ratekr.depositrate3.613.52360DownUP702023-05-31
external debtkr.externaldebt663631649322222UPUP592023-12-31
fiscal expenditurekr.fiscalexp12238353443129-81DownDown52023-12-31
foreign direct investmentkr.fdi70490008771740-2049DownUP682024-03-31
foreign exchange reserveskr.fxreserves412830413260-0-2DownDown322024-05-31
Real GDPkr.realgdp50340350027717UPUP202024-03-31
gdp growthkr.gdpgrowth1.30.6117117UPUP932024-03-31
gdp growth annualkr.gdpgrowthan3.32.157-45UPDown252024-06-30
gold reserveskr.goldres104.45104.4500DownDown282024-03-31
government budgetkr.govbudget-7-5.235536DownDown02022-01-31
Government budgetkr.govbudgetvalue-2990211237-366-54DownUP372023-12-31
government debt to gdpkr.govdebtgdp49.646.9661UPUP02022-01-31
government revenueskr.govrev924826468043-84DownDown52023-12-31
housing indexkr.housingindex93.193.2-0-3DownDown402024-02-29
industrial productionkr.indproduction6.11510-167UPUP422024-04-30
industrial production momkr.indproductionmm2.2-3-173-414UPUP102024-04-30
inflation cpikr.inflationcpi2.72.9-7-18DownDown02024-05-31
interbank ratekr.interbankrate3.673.670-1DownDown322023-08-15
interest ratekr.interestrate3.53.5056UPUP672023-07-13
loans to private sectorkr.loanprivate126240001254430017UPUP262024-02-29
Manufacturing PMIkr.manpmi51.649.447UPUP882024-05-31
money supply m0kr.msm017389400017120200027UPUP292024-03-31
money supply m1kr.msm11263440123305025UPUP422024-03-31
money supply m2kr.msm24006390395415016UPUP312024-03-31
money supply m3kr.msm354147105418240-05UPUP242024-02-29
Producer Price Indexkr.producerprices119.12118.820-1DownDown122024-04-30
PPI Indexkr.producerpricesch1.81.52012UPUP782024-04-30
retail sales MoMkr.retailsales-1.21.1-209-54DownUP02024-04-30
retail saleskr.retailsalesan-2.71.1-345-2800DownDown32024-03-31
unemployment ratekr.unemploymentrate2.82.684UPUP782024-03-31
youth unemployment ratekr.ytunemploymentrate6.76.8-114UPUP902024-05-31