South Korea gdp growth

South Korea gdp growth: 1.3 (116.67%)
Last Update: March 31, 2024

South Korea gdp growth closed down 1.3 as of March 31, 2024 from 0.6 from the previous month and 1.7 from last year.

South Korea gdp growth Analytics & Data

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South Korea gdp growth

2024-03-31 1.3
2023-12-31 0.6
2023-09-30 0.6
2023-06-30 0.6
2023-03-31 0.3
2022-12-31 -0.4
2022-09-30 0.3
2022-06-30 0.7
2022-03-31 0.6
2021-12-31 1.2
2021-09-30 0.3
2021-06-30 0.8
2021-03-31 1.7
2020-12-31 1.1
2020-09-30 2.2
2020-06-30 -3.2
2020-03-31 -1.3
2019-12-31 1.3
2019-09-30 0.4
2019-06-30 1

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South Korea gdp growth Statistics

gdp growthkr.gdpgrowth1.30.6117117UPUP932024-03-31

South Korea gdp growth Factors

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What is the South Korea gdp growth

Welcome to our webpage showcasing the current and historical data, trends and signals, analytics, and charts for South Korea GDP growth. GDP growth is a vital economic indicator that measures the rate of change in a country's gross domestic product over a specific period. It serves as a barometer of economic health and reflects the overall performance and direction of the economy.

Interpreting South Korea's GDP growth is crucial for understanding its economic trajectory. When GDP growth is positive and increasing, it signals a growing economy, indicating increased production, employment opportunities, and consumer spending power. Conversely, negative or declining GDP growth indicates an economic contraction, possibly resulting in reduced employment and lower consumer spending.

To help you make informed decisions and gain insights, our webpage provides you with comprehensive data on South Korea GDP growth. You can access real-time and historical data in the form of interactive charts and graphs, allowing you to visualize trends and patterns over time. These visuals help identify significant turning points, recessions, booms, or periods of steady growth, enabling you to assess the overall economic performance accurately.

In addition to data and analytics, we offer MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis, which provide valuable insights into South Korea's GDP growth. These signals help users understand the factors influencing the economy, such as government policies, international trade, investment patterns, and technological advancements. You can utilize these signals to gain deeper insights into how specific factors impact the country's GDP growth and make projections for the future.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of further analysis. Therefore, users have the option to export historic data for free, allowing for detailed and customized analysis that aligns with their specific needs or research requirements. This feature ensures you can delve deeper into South Korea's GDP growth, exploring correlations with other economic indicators, comparative analysis with other countries, and more.

Whether you are an investor, economist, researcher, or simply interested in understanding South Korea's GDP growth, our webpage provides you with the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions. By offering current and historical data, trends and signals, analytics, and export capabilities, we empower you to assess the economic landscape and develop well-informed strategies.

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South Korea Financial Markets

South Korea ETFEWY56.25-1-1-2.0025141.55790.02366-0.00248-0.025970.0857
Korean Won US Dollar (KRW/USD)KRWUSD 1334.34-10.750.7536941.5042-0.01074-0.01421-0.008910.0135
South Korea 5-Year Bond YieldKR.5Y3.719-110.9765542.5779-0.00668-0.03201-0.002950.06531
South Korea 2-year bond yieldKR.2Y3.76111.1138554.38-0.870.830.7-0.4
South Korea Yield CurveKR.YC0.266-0.511.9038949.4473-0.10135-0.32143-0.07958-10.8518
South Korea Credit Default SwapsCDS.South Korea26.75-0.5-0.75-1.4737231.220200.00943-0.10084-0.50463
Export-Import Bank of Korea Credit Default SwapsCDS.Export-Import-Bank-of-Korea39-0.5-0.75-1.1152843.60420.012990.00645-0.025-0.25
South Korea Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradekr.balanceoftrade49601530224-322UPUP122024-05-31
bank lending ratekr.banks.lendingrate5.175.12133UPUP782023-06-30
business confidencekr.bizconfidence747311UPUP612024-05-31
capacity utilizationkr.caputilization102.3102.6-03UPUP932024-04-30
capital flowskr.capitalflows-656311051-15924DownDown752024-04-30
car registrationskr.carregistrations1252449825327-14UPDown142024-03-31
central bank balance sheetkr.cb.assets5482885154556-5UPDown162024-02-29
consumer confidencekr.consconfidence98.4100.7-20DownUP522024-05-31
consumer price index cpikr.cpi114.09113.9903UPUP622024-05-31
core inflation ratekr.coreinflationrate2.242.42-7-31DownDown242023-02-28
current accountkr.currentaccount-285.26931.4-104-79DownUP252024-04-30
current account to gdpkr.currentaccountgdp1.31.8-28-69DownDown02024-01-31
deposit interest ratekr.depositrate3.613.52360DownUP702023-05-31
external debtkr.externaldebt663631649322222UPUP592023-12-31
fiscal expenditurekr.fiscalexp12238353443129-81DownDown52023-12-31
foreign direct investmentkr.fdi70490008771740-2049DownUP682024-03-31
foreign exchange reserveskr.fxreserves412830413260-0-2DownDown322024-05-31
Real GDPkr.realgdp50340350027717UPUP202024-03-31
gdp growthkr.gdpgrowth1.30.6117117UPUP932024-03-31
gdp growth annualkr.gdpgrowthan3.32.157-45UPDown252024-06-30
gold reserveskr.goldres104.45104.4500DownDown282024-03-31
government budgetkr.govbudget-4.4-5.6-21300DownDown02023-12-31
Government budgetkr.govbudgetvalue-2990211237-366-54DownUP372023-12-31
government debt to gdpkr.govdebtgdp49.646.9661UPUP02022-01-31
government revenueskr.govrev924826468043-84DownDown52023-12-31
housing indexkr.housingindex93.193.2-0-3DownDown402024-02-29
industrial productionkr.indproduction6.11510-167UPUP422024-04-30
industrial production momkr.indproductionmm2.2-3-173-414UPUP102024-04-30
inflation cpikr.inflationcpi2.72.9-7-18DownDown02024-05-31
interbank ratekr.interbankrate3.673.670-1DownDown322023-08-15
interest ratekr.interestrate3.53.5056UPUP672023-07-13
loans to private sectorkr.loanprivate126240001254430017UPUP262024-02-29
Manufacturing PMIkr.manpmi51.649.447UPUP882024-05-31
money supply m0kr.msm017389400017120200027UPUP292024-03-31
money supply m1kr.msm11263440123305025UPUP422024-03-31
money supply m2kr.msm24006390395415016UPUP312024-03-31
money supply m3kr.msm354147105418240-05UPUP242024-02-29
Producer Price Indexkr.producerprices119.12118.820-1DownDown122024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYkr.producerpricesch1.81.52012UPUP782024-04-30
retail sales MoMkr.retailsales-1.21.1-209-54DownUP02024-04-30
retail saleskr.retailsalesan-2.71.1-345-2800DownDown32024-03-31
unemployment ratekr.unemploymentrate2.82.684UPUP782024-03-31
youth unemployment ratekr.ytunemploymentrate6.76.8-114UPUP902024-05-31