Spain housing starts

Spain housing starts: 2.04 (142.86%)
Last Update: December 31, 2023

Spain housing starts closed down 2.04 as of December 31, 2023 from 0.84 from the previous month and 1.31 from last year.

Spain housing starts Analytics & Data

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Spain housing starts

2023-12-31 2.04
2023-11-30 0.84
2023-10-31 0.97
2023-09-30 0.76
2023-08-31 0.34
2023-07-31 0.84
2023-06-30 0.96
2023-05-31 1.09
2023-04-30 0.35
2023-03-31 1.25
2023-02-28 0.98
2023-01-31 0.4
2022-12-31 1.31
2022-11-30 1.38
2022-10-31 0.95
2022-09-30 0.44
2022-08-31 0.3
2022-07-31 0.73
2022-06-30 0.89
2022-05-31 0.73

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Spain housing starts Statistics

housing startses.housingstarts2.040.84143115UPUP922023-10-31

Spain housing starts Factors

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What is the Spain housing starts


Welcome to the Spain Housing Starts webpage, your go-to resource for comprehensive data, trends, signals, and analytics related to the Spanish housing market. By monitoring housing starts, we offer reliable insights into the country's economic growth, construction industry, and investment opportunities. Whether you are a researcher, investor, or industry professional, this page will provide you with valuable information to make informed decisions.

Understanding Spain Housing Starts:

Housing starts refer to the number of new residential construction projects that have begun during a specific period. It is a leading indicator of economic growth and reflects the health of the construction sector, job creation, and general economic activity. By understanding housing starts, investors can gain insights into future housing market supply and demand dynamics.

Current Data and Trends:

On this webpage, we provide up-to-date data on Spain's housing starts. Users can access charts, tables, and analytics showcasing the latest trends in construction activity. As an example, our visualizations might reveal whether housing starts are rising or falling, helping you gauge the current state of the housing market.

Historical Data:

In addition to current data, our webpage allows users to explore historical data on Spain housing starts. By analyzing trends over time, users can identify patterns, cyclical behavior, and long-term growth or decline. We enable users to export this historical data for free, allowing for further analysis using their preferred tools.

Interpreting Housing Start Data:

Interpreting housing start data can be instrumental in making informed decisions. Steady growth in housing starts is often an encouraging sign, indicating a strong real estate market and economic stability. Conversely, a decline in housing starts may suggest a slowdown in the construction sector or broader economic challenges. Analyzing the specifics can provide insights into regional or sectorial disparities.

MacroVar Signals, Trends, and Analysis:

To facilitate deeper analysis, our webpage integrates MacroVar, an advanced analytics platform. MacroVar combines multiple economic indicators to generate signals and trends. By leveraging these signals, users can gain a more comprehensive understanding of Spain's housing market and its correlation with other economic factors. MacroVar enables users to track trends, patterns, and signals that may influence the housing market.

Exporting Data and Analytics:

We understand the importance of flexibility and customized analysis. That's why we enable users to export both historical data and analysis from MacroVar. By exporting the data, users can integrate it with their preferred analytics tools, models, or reports.


The Spain Housing Starts webpage provides both current and historical data to help users interpret the country's housing market. By exploring trends and signals, users can gain valuable insights into economic growth, investment opportunities, and construction industry performance. Exporting data and utilizing MacroVar enables further analysis, allowing users to make well-informed decisions.

Spain Financial Markets

IBEX 35IBEX10118.70.512.7110365.9801-0.00778-0.011690.051480.24357
Spain ETFEWP26.940.5-0.75-1.0012949.6170.006730.022780.015070.22901
Spain 10-Year Bond YieldES.10Y3.772-10.751.0595939.4907-0.01566-0.0453-0.059350.21521
Spain 5-Year Bond YieldES.5Y3.16-10.250.4129542.66640.00477-0.02978-0.032750.28455
Spain 2-year bond yieldES.2Y3.424-10.50.5570536.97260.00058-0.03113-0.039550.45516
Spain Yield CurveES.YC0.4270.512.3952963.7732-0.002340.19944-0.013860.17631
Spain Credit Default SwapsCDS.Spain45.5-0.5-1-1.693543.148200.02247-0.05208-0.17273
Spain Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradees.balanceoftrade-4655800-20262001306DownDown682024-04-30
bank lending ratees.banks.lendingrate3.4744.086-15296UPUP972023-06-30
banks balance sheetes.banks.bs3036.93030.803UPUP522024-04-30
business confidencees.bizconfidence-6.3-4.34726UPDown652024-05-31
capacity utilizationes.caputilization77.277.84-10DownUP432024-03-31
capital flowses.capitalflows-12801779-172-114DownDown322024-04-30
car registrationses.carregistrations9200094840-323UPUP922024-04-30
central bank balance sheetes.cb.assets934297951513-2-9DownDown252024-03-31
consumer confidencees.consconfidence84.582.5225UPUP722024-04-30
consumer price index cpies.cpi115.78115.4704UPUP782024-05-31
core inflation ratees.coreinflationrate32.93-49DownDown02024-06-30
current accountes.currentaccount3285190073-44UPDown502024-03-31
current account to gdpes.currentaccountgdp2.60.6333-196UPUP02023-01-31
external debtes.externaldebt2419140000236662000028UPUP412023-12-31
foreign direct investmentes.fdi-12785771-122-138DownDown152024-03-31
foreign exchange reserveses.fxreserves96195.894341.227UPUP432024-03-31
Real GDPes.realgdp380391375219132UPUP982024-03-31
gdp growthes.gdpgrowth0.60.450-57DownDown552024-06-30
gdp growth annuales.gdpgrowthan21.95-156DownUP402024-03-31
gold reserveses.goldres281.58281.600DownDown672020-09-30
government budgetes.govbudget-3.6-4.8-25-66UPUP02024-01-31
Government budgetes.govbudgetvalue-9466-3683157151UPDown882024-01-31
government debtes.govdebt15737500001577270000-017UPUP02023-12-31
government debt to gdpes.govdebtgdp107.7111.6-354UPUP02023-01-31
housing indexes.housingindex1842.31812.4214UPUP1002023-12-31
housing startses.housingstarts2.040.84143115UPUP922023-10-31
industrial productiones.indproduction0.8-1.3-162-144UPUP522024-04-30
industrial production momes.indproductionmm0.3-0.7-143-120UPUP02024-04-30
inflation cpies.inflationcpi3.63.39-39DownDown02024-06-30
interbank ratees.interbankrate-0.38-0.3800DownDown512023-08-15
interest ratees.interestrate4.254.5-631UPUP702024-06-07
loan growthes.loangrowth1.92-5-17UPDown532024-03-31
loans to private sectores.loanprivate4423984418290-4DownDown122024-02-29
long term unemployment ratees.ltunemploymentrate4.24.12-26DownDown302023-12-31
Manufacturing PMIes.manpmi5452.2312UPUP872024-05-31
money supply m1es.msm1125380012443201-6DownDown172024-03-31
money supply m2es.msm21501460148869012UPUP222024-03-31
money supply m3es.msm31571850156046013UPUP252024-03-31
new home saleses.newhomesales8.9211.53-23-15DownDown172024-03-31
Producer Price Indexes.producerprices120120.3-0-7DownDown282024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYes.producerpricesch-6.6-8.2-2047UPDown782024-04-30
retail sales MoMes.retailsales0.8-0.4-300-56UPDown02024-04-30
retail saleses.retailsalesan0.30.6-50-91DownDown02024-04-30
services pmies.servpmi56.956.210UPUP582024-05-31
total vehicle saleses.vehiclesales9200094691-3-0UPDown492024-05-31
unemployment ratees.unemploymentrate12.2911.84-19DownDown382024-06-30
youth unemployment ratees.ytunemploymentrate26.527.1-2-5DownDown442024-04-30
Construction Confidencees.esi.constr15.88.390002700UPUP72002024-01-22
Consumer Confidencees.esi.cons-19.6-19.8-100-2900UPUP28002024-01-22
Retail Confidencees.esi.ret3.63.60-18000UPUP28002024-01-22
Services Confidencees.esi.serv14.515.4-6009100UPUP93002024-01-22
ESI - Economic Compositees.esi.conf99.6100.5-1-2UPDown652023-06-30