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Sweden current account to gdp: 6.8 (25.93%)
Last Update: December 31, 2023

Sweden current account to gdp closed down 6.8 as of December 31, 2023 from 5.4 from the previous month and 5.6 from last year.

Sweden current account to gdp Analytics & Data

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Sweden current account to gdp

2023-12-31 6.8
2022-12-31 5.4
2021-12-31 6.8
2020-12-31 5.9
2019-12-31 3.9
2018-12-31 1.7
2017-12-31 2.8
2016-12-31 3.8
2015-12-31 4.1
2014-12-31 4.5
2013-12-31 5.2
2012-12-31 5.6
2011-12-31 5.6
2010-12-31 6
2009-12-31 6
2008-12-31 7.8
2007-12-31 8.2
2006-12-31 8.2
2005-12-31 6
2004-12-31 6

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Sweden current account to gdp Statistics

current account to gdpse.currentaccountgdp6.85.42624UPUP02023-01-31

Sweden current account to gdp Factors

What is the Sweden current account to gdp

Sweden's Current Account to GDP: Data, Trends, and Analysis

Introduction: Welcome to our webpage dedicated to providing up-to-date information and comprehensive analysis of Sweden's Current Account to GDP. This significant economic indicator offers insight into the country's external trade balance and its dependence on international markets. By tracking the Current Account to GDP ratio, users can evaluate Sweden's economic performance, competitiveness, and overall financial stability.

Understanding Sweden's Current Account to GDP: The Current Account to GDP ratio represents the proportion of a country's current account balance, including goods and services trade, income from abroad, and current transfers, to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It demonstrates the degree of a country's economic integration with the rest of the world and its reliance on international trade.

Interpreting the Current Account to GDP Ratio: A positive current account balance, indicating a surplus, suggests that Sweden exports more goods and services than it imports. This surplus implies a net inflow of foreign currency, contributing to the country's financial reserves, economic growth, and potential for investments abroad. A negative current account balance, representing a deficit, reveals greater imports than exports and signifies reliance on foreign financing.

Monitoring Trends and Signals: Our webpage includes a range of charts, analytics, and historical data, providing a comprehensive overview of Sweden's Current Account to GDP ratio over time. By studying the trends and signals, users can understand how external factors, such as commodity prices, exchange rates, and global demand, impact the country's economic performance.

Exporting Historical Data for Further Analysis: For enhanced analysis and research, users can conveniently export the historical data free of charge. This feature enables users to delve deeper into the relationship between Sweden's Current Account to GDP ratio and other macroeconomic indicators, such as inflation, employment, and investment.

Leveraging MacroVar Signals, Trends, and Analysis: In addition to the historical data export feature, our webpage incorporates cutting-edge technology provided by MacroVar. Users can access a wide range of analytics, signals, and trends offered by MacroVar's advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities. These insights can assist users in making informed decisions, identifying market opportunities, and evaluating the potential impact on Sweden's Current Account to GDP ratio.

Conclusion: Sweden's Current Account to GDP ratio serves as a critical indicator for understanding the country's economic health, international trade position, and financial stability. Our webpage provides users with comprehensive data, trends, analytics, charts, and the exclusive utilization of MacroVar signals and analysis. By exploring this information, users can gain valuable insights and make informed predictions, empowering them to make strategic decisions in both domestic and global markets.

Sweden Financial Markets

OMX Stockholm 30OMXS2267.8111.0462271.39980.006210.023930.071710.09054
Sweden ETFEWD31.35-0.5-1-2.2109339.4318-0.00350.00836-0.024880.06415
Swedish Krona US Dollar (SEK/USD)SEKUSD 11.1118011.5139754.059-0.0061-0.00460.009430.05921
Sweden 10-Year Bond YieldSE.10Y2.895-10.751.2340241.8813-0.01631-0.04801-0.044550.40671
Sweden 2-year bond yieldSE.2Y3.559111.7383263.461.511.457.04-1335.76
Sweden Yield CurveSE.YC-0.507-0.511.8534253.66220.060670.05625-0.06111-0.46688
Sweden Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradese.balanceoftrade930013300-304UPUP702024-03-31
banks balance sheetse.banks.bs13599700134972001-9DownDown132024-02-29
business confidencese.bizconfidence94.696.3-25UPUP772024-05-31
capacity utilizationse.caputilization88.688.40-1DownDown282024-03-31
capital flowsse.capitalflows156.671.511992UPUP922024-03-31
car registrationsse.carregistrations2197723891-83DownUP572024-04-30
central bank balance sheetse.cb.assets125440012508200-18DownDown72024-03-31
consumer confidencese.consconfidence91.388.8325UPUP872024-05-31
consumer price index cpise.cpi416.18415.504UPUP572024-05-31
core inflation ratese.coreinflationrate32.93-55DownDown02024-05-31
current accountse.currentaccount115.9102.41345UPUP792024-03-31
current account to gdpse.currentaccountgdp6.85.42624UPUP02023-01-31
deposit interest ratese.depositrate3.653.47121UPUP922023-07-05
external debtse.externaldebt6288463069-0-27DownDown82024-03-31
fiscal expenditurese.fiscalexp104918115645-950DownUP882024-02-29
foreign direct investmentse.fdi87.182.65-287UPUP152023-12-31
foreign exchange reservesse.fxreserves6212206198630-4DownDown322024-02-29
Real GDPse.realgdp15627501551770122UPUP972024-03-31
gdp growthse.gdpgrowth0.700-13UPDown612024-06-30
gdp growth annualse.gdpgrowthan0.7-0.1-800-93DownDown252024-06-30
gold reservesse.goldres125.72125.700UPDown732020-09-30
government budgetse.govbudget-0.61.2-150-14DownUP02023-01-31
Government budgetse.govbudgetvalue74295-35287-311-24UPDown422024-02-29
government debtse.govdebt101752010121901-4UPDown652024-03-31
government debt to gdpse.govdebtgdp31.233.2-6-17DownDown02024-01-31
government revenuesse.govrev179214803581237UPUP622024-02-29
housing indexse.housingindex913920-1201UPUP952023-03-31
housing startsse.housingstarts6.955.2333-57DownDown62024-03-31
industrial productionse.indproduction-4.42.9-252-176DownDown302024-04-30
industrial production momse.indproductionmm-2.42.1-214-173DownDown02024-04-30
inflation cpise.inflationcpi3.73.9-5-62DownDown02024-05-31
interbank ratese.interbankrate4.044.0203UPUP802023-08-15
interest ratese.interestrate3.753.57400UPUP02023-06-29
lending ratese.lendingrate3.853.67108UPUP722023-07-05
loan growthse.loangrowth0.50.6-17-74DownDown192024-04-30
loans to private sectorse.loanprivate170825017002400-5DownDown82024-03-31
long term unemployment ratese.ltunemploymentrate1.71.66-6DownDown432024-03-31
Manufacturing PMIse.manpmi5451.9432UPUP932024-05-31
money supply m0se.msm056569564230-10DownDown42024-02-29
money supply m1se.msm1384066038208201-8DownDown202024-03-31
money supply m2se.msm247409204805560-1-2DownDown132024-02-29
money supply m3se.msm3484234048079701-0UPDown212024-03-31
Producer Price Indexse.producerprices134.3133.611UPUP552024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYse.producerpricesch0.9-0.6-250-31UPDown802024-04-30
retail sales MoMse.retailsales0.3-0.4-175-87UPDown02024-04-30
retail salesse.retailsalesan0.51.1-55-107UPUP342024-04-30
services pmise.servpmi49.548.13-0DownDown572024-05-31
unemployment ratese.unemploymentrate8.78.9-210UPUP582024-05-31
youth unemployment ratese.ytunemploymentrate23.925.6-711UPUP702024-03-31
Construction Confidencese.esi.constr-27.5-28.3-3000DownDown02024-01-22
Consumer Confidencese.esi.cons-15.8-17.9-1200-3200UPUP60002024-01-22
Industrial Confidencese.esi.man-0.4-0.210000-10400DownDown38002024-01-22
Retail Confidencese.esi.ret-2.7-0.457500-8100UPUP35002024-01-22
Services Confidencese.esi.serv-5.6-4.42700-21900DownDown15002024-01-22
ESI - Economic Compositese.esi.conf113.5112.7110DownUP822022-02-28