Thailand money supply m1

Thailand money supply m1: 3115.2 (-0.72%)
Last Update: May 31, 2024

Thailand money supply m1 closed down 3115.2 as of May 31, 2024 from 3137.9 from the previous month and 3024.5 from last year.

Thailand money supply m1 Analytics & Data

Thailand money supply m1

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Thailand money supply m1

2024-05-31 3115.2
2024-04-30 3137.9
2024-03-31 3137.7
2024-02-29 3101.9
2024-01-31 3041.4
2023-12-31 3100.2
2023-11-30 3008.8
2023-10-31 2966.9
2023-09-30 2963.5
2023-08-31 2934.5
2023-07-31 2943.9
2023-06-30 2971.9
2023-05-31 3024.5
2023-04-30 3101
2023-03-31 3053.9
2023-02-28 3046.8
2023-01-31 2975.5
2022-12-31 2973.8
2022-11-30 2966
2022-10-31 2907.8
2022-09-30 2915.3
2022-08-31 2871.9
2022-07-31 2892.5
2022-06-30 2865.6

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Thailand money supply m1 Statistics

money supply m1th.msm13115.23137.9-13UPUP182024-05-31

Thailand money supply m1 Factors

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Thailand money supply m1 Historical Data

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What is the Thailand money supply m1

Thailand's money supply M1 refers to the total amount of currency in circulation, including physical banknotes and coins, as well as demand deposits held in banks. This measure of money supply is considered to be the most liquid form of money available in the economy, as it can be easily used for transactions and purchases. The Bank of Thailand closely monitors the M1 money supply as part of its efforts to manage inflation and ensure the stability of the country's financial system. Changes in the money supply can have significant impacts on economic activity and financial markets, making it an important indicator for policymakers and investors to track.