Brazil Government budget

Brazil Government budget: -69638 (10.57%)
Last Update: April 30, 2024

Brazil Government budget closed down -69638 as of April 30, 2024 from -62981 from the previous month and -25428.3 from last year.

Brazil Government budget Analytics & Data

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Brazil Government budget

2024-04-30 -69638
2024-03-31 -62981
2024-02-29 -113858
2024-01-31 22232.23
2023-12-31 -193430.45
2023-11-30 -80886.73
2023-10-31 -47148.17
2023-09-30 -99785.21
2023-08-31 -106561.31
2023-07-31 -81914.19
2023-06-30 -89624.95
2023-05-31 -119225.51
2023-04-30 -25428.3
2023-03-31 -79499.2
2023-02-28 -90605.84
2023-01-31 46692.41
2022-12-31 -70820.7
2022-11-30 -70371.21
2022-10-31 -14474.07
2022-09-30 -60618.33

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Brazil Government budget Statistics

Government budgetbr.govbudgetvalue-69638-6298111174UPDown832024-04-30

Brazil Government budget Factors

What is the Brazil Government budget

Welcome to our webpage showcasing the Brazil Government budget! Here you will find a wealth of information, including current and historical data, trends and signals, as well as comprehensive analytics and charts. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary tools to interpret and understand the Brazil Government budget.

But first, let's define what the Brazil Government budget is. The government budget is a financial plan outlining the expenditures and revenues of the Brazilian government over a specific period, typically a fiscal year. It is a crucial tool that reflects the government's priorities and policies, outlining how public funds are allocated for various sectors, such as healthcare, education, infrastructure, defense, and more.

By analyzing the Brazil Government budget, you can gain insights into the country's fiscal health, economic priorities, and potential impacts on different sectors of the economy. It helps individuals, businesses, and policymakers understand the government's financial decisions and assess the potential implications on the overall economy.

On our webpage, you will find a wide range of information and resources to aid your analysis. We provide up-to-date data on the current Brazil Government budget, allowing you to stay informed about the latest figures and allocations. You can explore historical data to track budget trends over time and identify patterns or changes in government expenditures and revenues.

Our comprehensive analytics and charts provide visual representations of the Brazil Government budget, enabling you to easily identify key trends and patterns. You can delve into specific sectors or compare different budget items to make informed assessments and forecasts.

We also offer the option to export historical data for free, allowing you to conduct further analysis using your preferred tools or software. This flexibility empowers you to perform detailed studies, create customized charts, and generate insights tailored to your specific needs.

Additionally, we provide access to MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis. These invaluable indicators assist in understanding the broader macroeconomic environment and their implications for the Brazil Government budget. With our tools, you can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of the economic landscape.

We invite you to explore our webpage and dive into the wealth of information it provides on the Brazil Government budget. Whether you are a researcher, economist, student, or a curious citizen, our platform equips you with the necessary resources to interpret, analyze, and make sense of the Brazil Government budget. Start exploring now and unlock insights that will deepen your understanding of Brazil's fiscal policies.

Brazil Financial Markets

Brazil Small-Cap ETFEWZ12.630-0.5-0.4324147.15410.019370.00718-0.00079-0.1217
Brazil Real US Dollar (BRL/USD)BRLUSD 4.9544-0.50-0.2933239.9547-0.00061-0.00672-0.04107-0.07099
Brazil 10-Year Bond YieldBR.10Y11.651-10.50.3218544.78940-0.00597-0.01704-0.10857
Brazil 5-Year Bond YieldBR.5Y10.8310.5-0.75-0.8687654.39840.014610.009880.02227-0.10929
Brazil 2-year bond yieldBR.2Y9.894-1-1-1.8359934.17-4.96-3.14-4.13-19.17
Brazil Yield CurveBR.YC0.77-10.50.6959345.9180.06207-0.14444-0.08333-3.85185
Brazil Credit Default SwapsCDS.Brazil133-1-1-1.8728130.30140.00377-0.0292-0.09831-0.47638
Brazil Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradebr.balanceoftrade85309040-6-23UPDown282024-05-31
bank lending ratebr.banks.lendingrate59.0959.92-115UPUP682023-06-30
banks balance sheetbr.banks.bs1031260010110600216DownUP642022-10-31
business confidencebr.bizconfidence51.452.2-22DownUP682024-06-30
capacity utilizationbr.caputilization78.478.6-0-1DownDown422024-02-29
capital flowsbr.capitalflows-3128-4996.3-37-243DownDown132024-03-31
car registrationsbr.carregistrations194256220842-1210DownUP582024-05-31
cash reserve ratiobr.cashreserveratio212100DownDown682021-10-28
central bank balance sheetbr.cb.assets40986400004127020000-12UPUP182022-04-30
Composite PMIbr.comppmi5454.8-13UPUP622024-05-31
consumer confidencebr.consconfidence43.842.824DownUP732020-08-31
consumer price index cpibr.cpi6895.246869.1404UPUP332024-04-30
core inflation ratebr.coreinflationrate4.665.06-8-40DownDown122024-01-31
current accountbr.currentaccount-2515.8-4578.6-45918UPDown1002024-04-30
current account to gdpbr.currentaccountgdp-1.42-2.5-43-51UPUP02023-12-31
deposit interest ratebr.depositrate10.038.3221-19UPDown402023-06-30
external debtbr.externaldebt738588732643111UPUP472024-12-31
foreign direct investmentbr.fdi3866.639591.01-6026DownUP652024-04-30
foreign exchange reservesbr.fxreserves35500835270414UPUP892024-03-31
Real GDPbr.realgdp32613432178119UPUP672024-03-31
gdp growthbr.gdpgrowth0.800-43UPDown02024-03-31
gdp growth annualbr.gdpgrowthan2.52.11992DownUP902024-03-31
gold reservesbr.goldres129.65129.65092UPUP722024-03-31
Government budgetbr.govbudget-8.9-4.693256DownDown02023-12-31
Government budgetbr.govbudgetvalue-69638-6298111174UPDown832024-04-30
government debtbr.govdebt84241908347110113UPUP822024-04-30
government debt to gdpbr.govdebtgdp72.8778.29-741UPUP02022-01-31
government revenuesbr.govrev2288731906112012UPUP642024-04-30
housing indexbr.housingindex161.9160.716UPUP832024-05-31
industrial productionbr.indproduction8.4-2.8-400-411UPUP82024-04-30
industrial production mombr.indproductionmm-0.50.9-1560DownDown02024-04-30
inflation cpibr.inflationcpi3.933.697-0DownDown572024-05-31
interest ratebr.interestrate13.2513.75-40DownDown552023-08-02
loan growthbr.loangrowth0.21.2-830DownUP02024-04-30
loans to private sectorbr.loanprivate810494811609-010UPUP742024-02-29
Manufacturing PMIbr.manpmi52.155.9-711UPUP802024-05-31
money supply m0br.msm041779641470111UPUP362024-03-31
money supply m1br.msm161102160832804DownUP472024-06-30
money supply m2br.msm258849305857680016UPUP532024-02-29
money supply m3br.msm31101530010887400113UPUP752024-02-29
Producer Price Indexbr.producerprices159.68158.51-3UPDown422024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYbr.producerpricesch-3.08-4.13-25-66UPUP352024-05-31
retail sales MoMbr.retailsales0.900800UPUP02024-04-30
retail salesbr.retailsalesan2.25.7-61340DownUP922024-04-30
services pmibr.servpmi55.353.732UPUP592024-05-31
total vehicle salesbr.vehiclesales144027.0164335-12-1DownDown492024-03-31
unemployment ratebr.unemploymentrate7.57.9-5-12DownDown412024-04-30