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Europe business confidence: -9 (-3.23%)
Last Update: August 31, 2023

Europe business confidence closed down -9 as of August 31, 2023 from -9.3 from the previous month and 0.7 from last year.

Europe business confidence Analytics & Data

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Europe business confidence

Date Values
2023-08-31 -9
2023-07-31 -9.3
2023-06-30 -8.1
2023-05-31 -6.1
2023-04-30 -4
2023-03-31 -2.1
2023-02-28 -1.1
2023-01-31 -0.3
2022-12-31 -1.6
2022-11-30 -2.3
2022-10-31 -1.7
2022-09-30 -1
2022-08-31 0.7
2022-07-31 1.9
2022-06-30 4.8
2022-05-31 5.1
2022-04-30 6.6
2022-03-31 7.7
2022-02-28 12.3
2022-01-31 11.9

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Europe business confidence Statistics

Indicator Symbol Actual Previous M/M% Y/Y% Trend Slope Percentile Update
business confidence eu.bizconfidence -9 -9.3 -3 -1386 Down Down 3 2023-08-31

Europe business confidence Factors

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What is the Europe business confidence

Header: Europe Business Confidence: Current and Historical Data with Trends and Signals

Introduction: Welcome to our webpage dedicated to tracking Europe business confidence. In this digital hub, we provide valuable insights into the economic sentiment among European businesses. By analyzing current and historical data, trends, signals, and analytics, we aim to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead in the ever-changing business landscape.

Understanding Europe Business Confidence: Europe business confidence is a measure of the prevailing sentiment among European businesses regarding the future economic conditions. It indicates whether businesses are optimistic or pessimistic about the prospects of their own businesses, as well as the overall economy. This confidence is a key indicator for assessing the health and vitality of the European economy as a whole.

Interpreting Europe Business Confidence: Europe business confidence is typically measured using surveys or indices, where businesses provide their feedback on various factors such as sales expectations, employment prospects, investment plans, and overall economic outlook.

A positive business confidence reading suggests that businesses are confident in the future and likely to make investments, hire more employees, and increase production. This can lead to economic growth and expansion.

Conversely, a negative or declining business confidence reading indicates that businesses are less optimistic. This could result in reduced investments, job losses, and overall economic slowdown.

Tracking Europe Business Confidence on Our Website: On our webpage, we present a curated collection of current and historical data on Europe business confidence. Our interactive charts and analytics provide a comprehensive overview of the trends and patterns observed over time.

Key Features of Our Webpage: 1. Current Data: Stay up to date with the latest business confidence readings for European countries. Real-time data enables you to monitor the pulse of the European economy and adapt your strategies accordingly.

2. Historical Data: Analyze business confidence trends over a specific period to identify patterns and cyclical fluctuations. Understanding historical data can help you predict future trends and make more accurate forecasts.

3. Trends and Signals: Our advanced algorithms analyze the data and provide insightful trends and signals for better interpretation. Discover hidden patterns and uncover potential opportunities or risks.

4. Analytics and Charts: With our user-friendly analytics tools and interactive charts, you can visualize the data in a meaningful way. Compare different countries, sectors, or timeframes to gain a deeper understanding of the European business landscape.

5. Free Historical Data Export: Export historical data for further analysis or integration with your own tools and models. Explore correlations with other economic variables and conduct in-depth research to support your decision-making process.

6. MacroVar Signals: Benefit from our proprietary MacroVar signals, which leverage cutting-edge technologies and predictive analytics to identify early economic warning signals. Get notified about potential economic changes or shifts in business confidence before they become evident in mainstream sources.

Conclusion: Understanding Europe business confidence is crucial for navigating the complex and dynamic European business environment. With our webpage, you gain access to current and historical data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts, allowing you to make more informed decisions and seize opportunities. Start exploring the webpage now and unlock the power of Europe business confidence data.

Europe Financial Markets

Market Symbol Last Mom Trend Exh RSI 1D% 1W% 1M% 1Y%
STOXX Europe 600 STOXX 478.62 1 1 2.12697 74.0265 0 0.00331 0.04722 0.0873
Europe Macroeconomic Indicators

Indicator Symbol Actual Previous M/M% Y/Y% Trend Slope Percentile Update
balance of trade eu.balanceoftrade 15665.9 18875.7 -17 -236 UP UP 17 2023-12-31
business confidence eu.bizconfidence -9 -9.3 -3 -1386 Down Down 3 2023-08-31
capacity utilization eu.caputilization 79.1 79.6 -1 3 Down UP 71 2023-12-31
consumer confidence eu.consconfidence -16 -17.5 -9 -32 UP UP 22 2023-12-31
consumer price index cpi eu.cpi 127.78 127.17 0 8 UP UP 78 2023-05-31
core inflation rate eu.coreinflationrate 4.12 4.76 -13 -31 Down Down 10 2023-10-31
exports eu.exports 200139 225982 -11 -9 Down Down 8 2023-12-31
Real GDP eu.realgdp 3458.45 3454.93 0 6 UP UP 69 2024-06-30
government budget eu.govbudget -3.4 -4.8 -29 -43 Down UP 0 2022-01-31
government debt eu.govdebt 13272700 12790600 4 50 UP UP 0 2022-12-31
government debt to gdp eu.govdebtgdp 84 88 -5 6 Down UP 0 2022-12-31
imports eu.imports 184473 207106 -11 -20 Down Down 18 2023-12-31
industrial production eu.indproduction 1.2 -4.6 -126 -271 UP UP 13 2023-12-31
industrial production mom eu.indproductionmm 2.6 0.5 420 -750 UP UP 7 2023-12-31
long term unemployment rate eu.ltunemploymentrate 2.4 2.5 -4 -14 Down Down 0 2022-06-30
Producer Price Index eu.producerprices 148.2 149.5 -1 -10 Down Down 4 2023-10-31
PPI Index eu.producerpricesch -9.96 -8.11 23 -140 Down Down 30 2023-12-31
retail sales MoM eu.retailsales -1 0.3 -433 -23 Down UP 0 2023-10-31
retail sales yoy eu.retailsalesan -0.9 -2.6 -65 -57 UP UP 52 2023-10-31
unemployment rate eu.unemploymentrate 6.2 6.4 -3 -17 Down Down 2 2022-01-31
youth unemployment rate eu.ytunemploymentrate 14.7 14.5 1 1 UP UP 68 2023-12-31
Central Bank Assets for Euro Area eu.cb.assets 6861420 6865400 -0 -2 Down Down 68 2024-02-09
3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate eu.libor
Construction sector eu.esi.constr -4.6 -2.7 70 -429 Down Down 10 2023-06-30
Consumer sector eu.esi.cons -17.2 -18.3 -6 -31 UP UP 15 2023-06-30
Manufacturing sector -8.1 -6 35 -265 Down Down 13 2023-06-30
Retail sector eu.esi.ret -5.4 -4.8 13 42 Down Down 0 2023-06-30
Services sector eu.esi.serv 4.9 6 -18 -60 Down Down 48 2023-06-30
ESI - Economic Composite eu.esi.conf 93.7 93.2 1 -0 Down Down 0 2023-11-30