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Europe core inflation rate: 3.3 (-6.25%)
Last Update: February 29, 2024

Europe core inflation rate closed down 3.3 as of February 29, 2024 from 3.52 from the previous month and 6.55 from last year.

Europe core inflation rate Analytics & Data

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Europe core inflation rate

Date Values
2024-02-29 3.3
2024-01-31 3.52
2023-12-31 3.75
2023-11-30 4.12
2023-10-31 4.76
2023-09-30 5.15
2023-08-31 5.92
2023-07-31 6.16
2023-06-30 6.19
2023-05-31 6.13
2023-04-30 6.45
2023-03-31 6.58
2023-02-28 6.55
2023-01-31 6.29
2022-12-31 6.18
2022-11-30 5.97
2022-10-31 5.96
2022-09-30 5.67
2022-08-31 5.22
2022-07-31 4.89

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Europe core inflation rate Statistics

Indicator Symbol Actual Previous M/M% Y/Y% Trend Slope Percentile Update
core inflation rate eu.coreinflationrate 3.3 3.52 -6 -50 Down Down 5 2024-02-29

Europe core inflation rate Factors

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What is the Europe core inflation rate

Europe Core Inflation Rate: Current Data, Trends, and Analysis

Welcome to our webpage dedicated to the Europe Core Inflation Rate. Here, you will find comprehensive and up-to-date information on the core inflation rate in Europe, including current data, historical trends, signals, analytics, and interactive charts. This data can help you understand the economic health of the Eurozone and make informed decisions for your business or investment strategies.

What is Europe Core Inflation Rate?

The Europe Core Inflation Rate represents the changes in the average price level of goods and services in the Eurozone, excluding volatile components such as energy and food prices. Core inflation provides a more accurate picture of underlying inflationary pressures in the economy, as it removes the short-term fluctuations caused by temporary factors.

Interpreting Europe Core Inflation Rate:

The Europe Core Inflation Rate is a key economic indicator used by policymakers, economists, and investors to analyze the overall price stability and trajectory of the European economy. It is essential in assessing the effectiveness of monetary policy and guiding decision-making processes.

A higher core inflation rate suggests upward pressure on prices, potentially indicating an overheating economy or increased consumer demand. Conversely, a lower core inflation rate may indicate weak consumer spending or disinflationary pressures.

By tracking the Europe Core Inflation Rate over time, you can identify long-term trends and make predictions about future economic conditions. This information is invaluable for businesses looking to adjust pricing strategies, investors analyzing market conditions, or policymakers evaluating the effectiveness of monetary policy decisions.

Features and Benefits of Our Webpage:

1. Current and Historical Data: Our webpage provides the most recent core inflation rate data, along with historical trends dating back several years. You can easily compare data for different time periods to identify patterns and changes in the inflation rate.

2. Interactive Charts: With our interactive charts, you can visualize the Europe Core Inflation Rate data easily. Customize your charts to display the desired time period, compare multiple countries, and include or exclude specific components to suit your analysis.

3. Analytics and Signals: We offer comprehensive analytics and signals derived from macroeconomic indicators, helping you uncover insights and trends. These signals are generated using a sophisticated algorithm that identifies potential turning points or changes in the inflation rate.

4. Export Historical Data: Users have the option to export historical data for free. This feature allows you to conduct further analysis using your preferred statistical software or build your models.

5. MacroVar: Our platform also provides access to MacroVar, a powerful tool that combines a wide range of macroeconomic indicators to generate forecasts and projections. With MacroVar, you can analyze the impact of different scenarios and make more accurate predictions about the future inflation rate.


The Europe Core Inflation Rate is a key economic indicator used for assessing price stability in the Eurozone. By accessing our webpage, you can stay updated on the latest data, historical trends, and analytics, enabling you to make well-informed decisions for your business or investment strategies. With the option to export data and use our MacroVar tool, you have the tools at your disposal to conduct detailed analysis and gain valuable insights.

Europe Financial Markets

Market Symbol Last Mom Trend Exh RSI 1D% 1W% 1M% 1Y%
STOXX Europe 600 STOXX 478.62 1 1 2.12697 74.0265 0 0.00331 0.04722 0.0873
Europe Macroeconomic Indicators

Indicator Symbol Actual Previous M/M% Y/Y% Trend Slope Percentile Update
balance of trade eu.balanceoftrade 15665.9 18875.7 -17 -236 UP UP 17 2023-12-31
business confidence eu.bizconfidence -8.4 -8.7 -3 740 Down Down 95 2023-09-30
capacity utilization eu.caputilization 79.1 79.6 -1 3 Down UP 71 2023-12-31
consumer confidence eu.consconfidence -15.2 -15.8 -4 -31 UP UP 26 2024-01-31
consumer price index cpi eu.cpi 129.33 128.48 1 4 UP UP 58 2024-02-29
core inflation rate eu.coreinflationrate 3.3 3.52 -6 -50 Down Down 5 2024-02-29
exports eu.exports 200139 225982 -11 -9 Down Down 8 2023-12-31
Real GDP eu.realgdp 3458.73 3458.63 0 3 UP UP 51 2024-09-30
government budget eu.govbudget -3.3 -4.7 -30 -20 Down UP 0 2023-01-31
government debt eu.govdebt 13272700 12790600 4 50 UP UP 0 2022-12-31
government debt to gdp eu.govdebtgdp 83.5 87.4 -4 2 Down UP 0 2023-12-31
imports eu.imports 184473 207106 -11 -20 Down Down 18 2023-12-31
industrial production eu.indproduction -5.4 -5.6 -4 -357 Down Down 10 2024-02-29
industrial production mom eu.indproductionmm 0.7 -2.7 -126 -50 UP Down 71 2024-02-29
long term unemployment rate eu.ltunemploymentrate 2.1 2 5 -22 Down Down 0 2022-09-30
Producer Price Index eu.producerprices 126.6 127.8 -1 -20 Down Down 4 2024-02-29
PPI Index eu.producerpricesch -8.1 -7.9 3 -158 Down Down 30 2024-02-29
retail sales MoM eu.retailsales -0.4 0.2 -300 -20 Down UP 0 2024-02-29
retail sales yoy eu.retailsalesan -0.2 -0.6 -67 -92 UP UP 42 2024-02-29
unemployment rate eu.unemploymentrate 6 6 0 -20 Down Down 2 2022-02-28
youth unemployment rate eu.ytunemploymentrate 14.8 14.9 -1 4 UP UP 73 2024-02-29
Central Bank Assets for Euro Area eu.cb.assets 6815590 6813190 0 -1 Down Down 94 2024-03-15
3-Month London Interbank Offered Rate eu.libor
Construction sector eu.esi.constr -4.6 -2.7 70 -429 Down Down 10 2023-06-30
Consumer sector eu.esi.cons -17.2 -18.3 -6 -31 UP UP 15 2023-06-30
Manufacturing sector -8.1 -6 35 -265 Down Down 13 2023-06-30
Retail sector eu.esi.ret -5.4 -4.8 13 42 Down Down 0 2023-06-30
Services sector eu.esi.serv 4.9 6 -18 -60 Down Down 48 2023-06-30
ESI - Economic Composite eu.esi.conf 93.7 93.2 1 -0 Down Down 0 2023-11-30