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Europe government budget: -3.5 (2.94%)
Last Update: December 31, 2023

Europe government budget closed down -3.5 as of December 31, 2023 from -3.4 from the previous month and -4.6 from last year.

Europe government budget Analytics & Data

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Europe government budget

2023-12-31 -3.5
2022-12-31 -3.4
2021-12-31 -4.7
2020-12-31 -6.7
2019-12-31 -0.8
2018-12-31 -0.7
2017-12-31 -1.1
2016-12-31 -1.7
2015-12-31 -2.4
2014-12-31 -2.9
2013-12-31 -3.3
2012-12-31 -4.3
2011-12-31 -4.6
2010-12-31 -6.4
2009-12-31 -6.6
2008-12-31 -2.5
2007-12-31 -0.9
2006-12-31 -1.6
2005-12-31 -2.5
2004-12-31 -2.8

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Europe government budget Statistics

government budgeteu.govbudget-3.5-3.43-3DownUP02024-01-31

Europe government budget Factors

What is the Europe government budget

Welcome to our webpage on the Europe government budget! Here, you can access current and historical data, trends and signals, analytics, and charts related to the government budgets of European countries.

But first, let's understand what the Europe government budget is and how it should be interpreted. The government budget refers to the financial plan of a nation's government, outlining its expected revenue and expenditure for a specific period, usually a year. It plays a crucial role in determining a country's economic policies and priorities.

Interpreting the Europe government budget involves analyzing various aspects, including revenue sources, such as taxes, tariffs, and other income streams, as well as expenditures, like infrastructure development, social programs, defense, and debt servicing. By understanding these components, policymakers, economists, researchers, and citizens can gain insights into a country's fiscal health, economic priorities, and potential impact on various sectors.

On our webpage, you can explore a wealth of information regarding the Europe government budget. We provide interactive charts and graphs showcasing the budgetary trends of European countries over time. By comparing these charts, you can observe how different countries allocate their resources and track the changes in various budget items.

To further support your analysis, we offer comprehensive analytics and signals derived from our advanced MacroVar models. These models combine historical data, economic indicators, and statistical techniques to identify important trends, patterns, and signals that can aid in forecasting and decision-making.

Additionally, our webpage allows you to export historical budget data for free. You can download the data files in various formats, such as CSV or Excel, enabling you to conduct your own in-depth analysis or integrate the data into your models.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for exploring and understanding the Europe government budget. Whether you are a policymaker, researcher, or curious citizen, we hope that our data, trends, signals, analytics, and charts will help you gain valuable insights into the fiscal policies and economic landscapes of European countries.

Start exploring now and unlock the power of the Europe government budget data!

Europe Financial Markets

STOXX Europe 600STOXX478.62112.1269774.026500.003310.047220.0873
Europe Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeeu.balanceoftrade21669.821758.9-0-84091UPUP32024-05-31
business confidenceeu.bizconfidence-9.5-8.88459DownDown922023-10-31
capacity utilizationeu.caputilization79.179.6-13DownUP712023-12-31
consumer confidenceeu.consconfidence-13.2-13.7-4-23UPUP402024-05-31
consumer price index cpieu.cpi130.1129.3313UPUP512024-04-30
core inflation rateeu.coreinflationrate33.3-9-53DownDown32024-04-30
Real GDPeu.realgdp3469.783459.8703UPUP502024-12-31
government budgeteu.govbudget-3.5-3.43-3DownUP02024-01-31
government debteu.govdebt1327270012790600415725900UPUP02024-12-31
government debt to gdpeu.govdebtgdp81.783.4-2-38DownDown22024-12-31
industrial productioneu.indproduction-1-5.2-81-23UPUP752024-03-31
industrial production momeu.indproductionmm0.20.9-78-105UPUP532024-03-31
long term unemployment rateeu.ltunemploymentrate2.125-22DownDown02022-09-30
Producer Price Indexeu.producerprices124.9125.8-1-6DownDown242024-04-30
PPI Indexeu.producerpricesch-5.5-7.6-28-312UPDown02024-04-30
retail sales MoMeu.retailsales1.2-0.1-1300-340UPUP02024-03-31
retail sales yoyeu.retailsalesan200-153UPUP282024-03-31
unemployment rateeu.unemploymentrate660-20DownDown22022-02-28
youth unemployment rateeu.ytunemploymentrate14.414.7-24DownUP712024-04-30
Central Bank Assets for Euro Areaeu.cb.assets65606606577700-0-4DownDown302024-05-31
3-Month London Interbank Offered Rateeu.libor
Construction sectoreu.esi.constr-4.6-2.770-429DownDown102023-06-30
Consumer sectoreu.esi.cons-17.2-18.3-6-31UPUP152023-06-30
Retail sectoreu.esi.ret-5.4-4.81342DownDown02023-06-30
Services sectoreu.esi.serv4.96-18-60DownDown482023-06-30
ESI - Economic Compositeeu.esi.conf93.793.21-0DownDown02023-11-30