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Europe government debt: 13272709 (3.77%)
Last Update: December 31, 2024

Europe government debt closed down 13272709 as of December 31, 2024 from 12790561 from the previous month and 84.4 from last year.

Europe government debt Analytics & Data

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Europe government debt

2024-12-31 13272709
2023-12-31 12790561
2022-12-31 83.4
2021-12-31 87.4
2020-12-31 89.8
2019-12-31 79.3
2018-12-31 80.4
2017-12-31 82.1
2016-12-31 83.8
2015-12-31 84.9
2014-12-31 87
2013-12-31 86.3
2012-12-31 84.4
2011-12-31 82
2010-12-31 79.6
2009-12-31 74
2008-12-31 61.3
2007-12-31 58.1
2006-12-31 60.7
2005-12-31 62.2

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Europe government debt Statistics

government debteu.govdebt1327270012790600415725900UPUP02024-12-31

Europe government debt Factors

What is the Europe government debt

Introduction: Welcome to our comprehensive webpage dedicated to analyzing Europe government debt. Here, we provide current and historical data, trends and signals, as well as insightful analytics and charts to help you interpret Europe government debt effectively. With our user-friendly interface, you can export historical data for free, enabling further analysis on your end. Additionally, our powerful MacroVar signals, trends, and analyses offer valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Understanding Europe Government Debt: Europe government debt refers to the accumulated amount of borrowed money by various European countries to finance their expenditures, such as infrastructure development, welfare programs, and debt repayments. It represents the outstanding obligations that a government must repay to its creditors over time.

Interpreting Europe Government Debt: 1. Debt-to-GDP Ratio: This indicator measures the size of a country's debt relative to its gross domestic product. A higher ratio signifies a larger debt burden, potentially affecting a nation's ability to stimulate economic growth.

2. Debt Composition: Understanding the composition of a country's debt allows for insights into who holds the debt (domestic or foreign entities) and the maturity structure. Changes in debt composition may signal shifts in a nation's financing strategy or potential vulnerability to economic shocks.

3. Debt Service Costs: Analyzing debt service costs (interest payments) provides an understanding of a government's ability to manage its debt obligations. A higher debt service cost may lead to reduced funding for social programs or increased tax burdens.

Current Data and Historical Trends: Our webpage offers up-to-date data on Europe government debt, including debt-to-GDP ratios, total debt levels, and interest payments. It provides historical trends dating back several years, allowing you to observe how debt levels have evolved over time. Visual charts and graphs provide a clear representation of the data, enhancing your analysis experience.

Analytics and Charts: We present a range of analytics, including trend analysis, year-to-year comparisons, and country-specific breakdowns. These analytical tools allow you to identify relevant patterns, spot outliers, and gauge the financial health of various European nations. They emphasize the importance of context when analyzing government debt.

Export Historical Data for Analysis: Our platform allows users to export historical debt data for free. This functionality enables you to conduct in-depth analysis, delve into specific time periods, and integrate the data with your existing models or software packages.

MacroVar Signals, Trends, and Analysis: Leveraging our proprietary MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis tools, you can access additional insights into Europe government debt. These tools utilize advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, considering a range of economic and financial indicators to provide an informed perspective. Use them to gain a deeper understanding of the factors influencing Europe government debt and associated risks.

Conclusion: Our webpage on Europe government debt offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for interpreting current and historical debt data, identifying trends and signals, and conducting detailed analysis. With the option to export historical data for further analysis and our powerful MacroVar signals, trends, and analysis tools, you can make informed decisions based on an in-depth understanding of Europe government debt dynamics.

Europe Financial Markets

STOXX Europe 600STOXX478.62112.1269774.026500.003310.047220.0873
Europe Macroeconomic Indicators

balance of tradeeu.balanceoftrade13925.622549.1-38-70078UPUP52024-06-30
business confidenceeu.bizconfidence-9.5-8.88459DownDown922023-10-31
capacity utilizationeu.caputilization79.179.6-13DownUP712023-12-31
consumer confidenceeu.consconfidence-13.2-13.7-4-23UPUP402024-05-31
consumer price index cpieu.cpi130.33130.0903UPUP502024-05-31
core inflation rateeu.coreinflationrate3.237-48DownDown82024-05-31
Real GDPeu.realgdp3469.783459.8703UPUP502024-12-31
government budgeteu.govbudget-3.5-3.43-3DownUP02024-01-31
government debteu.govdebt1327270012790600415725900UPUP02024-12-31
government debt to gdpeu.govdebtgdp81.783.4-2-38DownDown22024-12-31
industrial productioneu.indproduction-2.0-1.182-2100UPDown02024-04-30
industrial production momeu.indproductionmm0.500-29UPDown02024-04-30
long term unemployment rateeu.ltunemploymentrate2.125-22DownDown02022-09-30
Producer Price Indexeu.producerprices124.9125.8-1-6DownDown242024-04-30
Produce Prices YoYeu.producerpricesch-5.5-7.6-28-312UPDown02024-04-30
retail sales MoMeu.retailsales-0.60.6-200500DownDown02024-04-30
retail sales yoyeu.retailsalesan-0.11.4-107-97UPUP452024-04-30
unemployment rateeu.unemploymentrate660-20DownDown22022-02-28
youth unemployment rateeu.ytunemploymentrate14.414.7-24DownUP712024-04-30
Central Bank Assets for Euro Areaeu.cb.assets65606606577700-0-4DownDown302024-05-31
3-Month London Interbank Offered Rateeu.libor
Construction sectoreu.esi.constr-4.6-2.770-429DownDown102023-06-30
Consumer sectoreu.esi.cons-17.2-18.3-6-31UPUP152023-06-30
Retail sectoreu.esi.ret-5.4-4.81342DownDown02023-06-30
Services sectoreu.esi.serv4.96-18-60DownDown482023-06-30
ESI - Economic Compositeeu.esi.conf93.793.21-0DownDown02023-11-30